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My initial thought when approaching theories was that I had one style, and those was a straightforward approach to clients, and address their issues in the moment and to be solution focused. I have found this approach to work for me as I have worked in the Short Term Residential setting I for the last seven years. Upon further studying in this class I have learned that, yes I do utilize that approach in many situations as a tech on the floor with the clients; however I also use a vast amount of approaches in my interactions with client’s depending on the situation and the client themselves. It is my plan to be eclectic in my approaches as a therapist and utilize many different theories ...view middle of the document...

It is believed when a person starts abusing drugs and alcohol that their maturity is stalled or delayed at that point in their life, which is usually in their teen years. From that belief the Adlerian Theory plays out nicely as it has been shown to work well with youth and the development of children. It takes the holistic approach and not only looks at the person themselves but also how everything and everyone around them plays into what that person believes about themselves and what they are wanting to do with their life and how they see themselves. Ultimately it is all powered by the way the individual perceives the world and their attitude and feelings towards themselves and the desire to be accepted and “fit in” with society. I believe that this approach works well with those in recovery as they are needing to recognize that they are not alone in their journey, and that building a strong support system of those that are also looking to help them succeed and will be there to “cheer” them on as they continue with their recovery is essential.
This is easily supported by the 12 step programs and getting clean time key tags or chips in, at first, small time increments and then gradually growing larger in time, once a person self-esteem is built up as they believe they are able to make it longer and longer without having to use or drink.
Also with the holistic approach a person doesn’t just focus on just the act of drinking or using, but that it is a thought process and they are needing to address triggers such as other people, places or things that may give them feelings of wanting to use or drink again. This may lead to some of them changing geographical locations, getting rid of old friends or no longer hanging out with certain family members, or looking at objects a new way so they are not only mentally associated with drinking or using.
I also believe that using Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy would be useful with my client’s in order to help them reroute their way of thinking, away from irrational thoughts that may continue to cloud their judgment. Many of my clients fall into Albert Ellis’ irrational thoughts from the absolutism and catastrophizing mindsets they are so used to having. Their beliefs are very concrete and may have a hard time not seeing things outside of the black and white view they have on a certain issue like Aaron Beck talks about. Being able to teach my clients how to recognize these thoughts by challenging them about those thoughts, confronting them on where those thoughts stem from, and convincing them their previous beliefs are irrational will be essential. I would work towards helping them come to the solution of how to change those thoughts through role playing in sessions, giving them homework to journal about their experiences where they caught themselves having irrational thoughts and bringing them back to session to discuss them further.
When a client has one issue that they seem to be...

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