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The Multiple Themes in The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald has written several novels and is considered one of the greatest writers of all time. His novel "The Great Gatsby" is no exception. The novel covers the Roaring 20's as well as any other novel in print. Ranging from the festive parties to the bootlegging. This novel is filled with several immoral people. Immoral being that people got their wealth against the rules of the American Dream. That is they received their wealth illegally. Gatsby, himself, made his fortune through organized crime. Nobody really knows how everyone else in the novel came into their wealth since they are never really discussed by anyone other than Nick. The themes in the novel range greatly from having to do with the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg to the repetition of the past on behalf of Jay Gatsby himself. The American dream seemed to be what everyone was in pursuit of at this time. Nobody knew exactly what it was, but everybody wanted a piece of it. In this novel, Jay Gatsby turns out to be the man that is considered to have become the American Dream. Some people might look at morality as being directly related to being a good person in God's eyes. The eyes on T.J. Eckleburg's billboard are thought by George Wilson to be the eyes of God watching over the town. Yet somehow, everybody that is wealthy in the town gained their money immorally. Does this directly correlate to their not caring about what happens to them in the afterlife? It does not say anywhere in the novel but Jay Gatsby, the richest of the rich, the dirtiest of the dirty is the first to find out what will happen to them when they die. The eyes of T.J. Eckleburg are involved in two different themes from this novel. The first has to do with the immoral rich so called friends of Gatsby. The second has to do with his omniscient eyes that peer over the Valley of Ashes to see the garbage that makes up the valley. The garbage that makes up the Valley of Ashes, along with just about every other city on the eastern seaboard was organized crime, parties like Gatsby's and the affairs between husband and wife. Another theme in the novel, this seems to be one of the bigger themes is the repetition of Gatsby's past. Or should we say his hopes of repeating the past. Before Gatsby went to the war, he was very close to Daisy. With Gatsby going to fight in the war, it was inevitable that it would tear them apart. If not for the war, Gatsby would most likely be married to Daisy instead of Tom. However, Gatsby went to the war in Europe and left behind Daisy to wait for his return. Would Gatsby return from what would become to be known as the most gruesome battle to date? Daisy waited and waited, but to no avail. She took her life into her own hands and went out to find someone else. She would find Tom Buchanan, and they would later exchange their wedding vows. Upon his return from the war, Gatsby began his search for his long lost love Daisy. What he...

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