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Therapeutic Intervention From An Occupational Therapist In An Oncology Service

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Therapeutic Intervention From an Occupational Therapist in an Oncology Service

The therapeutic intervention a client should expect from an
occupational therapist in an oncology service should be one that
complies with government legislation, plans, standards and guidelines.
The Governments plans for the National Health Service (NHS) are set
out in several reports such as: - the Calman-Hine Cancer Report
(1995), The New NHS - Modern and Dependable (1997) and The NHS Cancer
Plan (2000), which provide information to service users regarding the
quality of the services they should expect. Client's should also
expect occupational therapists to adhere to the Code of Ethics and
Professional Conduct for Occupational Therapists, which is 'a public
statement of the values and principles used in promoting and
maintaining high standards of professional behaviour in occupational
therapy' (COT 2000). 'Cancer' is a general term used when referring to
a malignant growth of tissue in any part of the body. Cells that
become cancerous have an abnormal increase in their growth rate, which
can result in the development of a tumour or growth. Malignant tumours
can destroy the normal tissues surrounding them and if left untreated
can spread via the lymphatic and circulatory systems, resulting in
possible metastases forming away from the primary tumour. Many primary
tumours have a predictable route of spread and since many of them have
few early signs and symptoms, they may not be detected until they have
formed metastases (Turner et al 1996). The range of services available
to individuals with cancer has changed considerably over the last five
years. Emphasis of care is now provided within a multidisciplinary
teamwork approach, which incorporates the valuable skills of
occupational therapy. Occupational therapists need to assess and
consider the physical, functional, psychological and social needs of
their clients and utilise their core skills together with the skills
of the multidisciplinary team to maximise the independence and quality
of life of the patient with cancer and their carers. The College of
Occupational Therapists Position Statement (1994) provides a
comprehensive list of the unique core skills that clients can expect
from occupational therapists, which include the: -

- use of purposeful activity and meaningful occupation as therapeutic
tools in the promotion of health

- ability to enable people to explore, achieve and maintain balance in
the daily living tasks and roles of domestic care , leisure and

- the ability to assess the effect of, and then to manipulate,

and psychosocial environments to maximise function and social


- ability to analyse, select and apply occupations as specific

therapeutic media to treat people who are...

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