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Therapeutic Relationship In Nursing Essay

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Therapeutic Relationship In Nursing

In order for nurses to build a therapeutic relationship with their clients it is very important for a nurse to be self-aware and emotionally intelligent. Self awareness allows nurses to model authentic behaviour so nurses are able to accept clients positive and negative behaviours. Emotional intelligence refers to the emotions that nurses and patients expresses about each other which may range from sadness and frastration to satisfaction and happiness (Parbury,2003). It also refers to receiving attention in the nursing health care literature (Parbury,2013)

Self awareness simply means one’s being concious of its own character (knowing one’s self), such as qualities a person have in him or her self,what is the persons belief and values, how extend is the persons limitation on something and what are their strength and weakness. It also, distinguishes between the inner self that is how one feels from inside and the outer self, what other people see on you includes your appearance, verbal and nonverbal behaviour (Bulman and schutz,2004). Self awareness is not essential only for reflective learning but also for skilled professional nursing practice by having knowledge of one’s values belief and behaviour and how it affects others is important for developing good interpersonal skills and integrate therapeutic relationships with our clients.

Increased self awareness in client can be achieved through a trusting relationship between a client and a patients that allow the client to intereact with nurses openly and explore their feeling for which a nurse can understand one’s problem easily and are able to give better and proper treatments. Through self awareness it can become authentic congruent and open relationship with patients . The more the nureses are self aware the more their authentic interpersonal skills will be used in an authentic and natural manner which enables them to be in harmony with who they are. Being open to patients enables a nurse to accept patients the way they are rather then wanting patients to be the way you want. It also help to build healthy self concept both as people and nurses and lead to comfort with self and, and genuine liking of the self (Parbury 2003).The more nurses knows about themselves the more it is likely that they will accept themselves, the more nurses understand themselves the easier it become for them to understand the patient, the more tolerant nurses are for themselves the more they can be of patients, the more comortable nurses are with themselves the more comfortable they will be of patient (Parbury ,2003). As nurses are able to understand their own perspective they are competent to understand the patients pespectives.

Therapeutic relationship refers to the relationship between a nurse and the client, this relationship is created by the way the patient and nurse interact with each other which enables them to have mutual understading an judge what is beneficial...

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