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Therapeutic Effects Of Drinking Tea Essay

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Therapeutic effects of drinking teaEvidence suggesting a link between tea drinking and good health is on the rise. Most Eastern citizens are convinced from early childhood that drinking tea can greatly improve their health, and thus, their overall quality of life. Fresh-brewed tea has always been a suggested remedy in American households for soothing a sore throat or just relaxing. It was not until recently, that Americans have become open to the idea that regular tea consumption may actually have a positive effect on their bodies. Current studies suggest that the beverage, made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, may be beneficial in preventing some cancers and heart disease, while improving bone density and overall well being. The bottom line is this: drinking tea is one of the most beneficial decisions that health-conscious consumers can make.For thousands of years now tea has been the beverage of choice in many Eastern cultures. In fact, the entire world, with the exception of Americans, consumes more tea than any other beverage but water. The average American only drinks about eight gallons of tea each year-barely comparable to the twenty-six gallons of coffee that they consume within that same time period. Since tea has become more readily available than ever before, the eastern trend is growing in the United States. Gourmet and bottled teas available in tea bars, coffee shops, grocery stores, and convenience stores have all contributed to the doubling of tea sales in the last decade. With growing health concerns, Americans are eager to digest the natural phenomenon that simply drinking tea can help them to live a longer, more vigorous life.Tea contains antioxidants helpful in fighting diseases such as cancer. These antioxidants, called...

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