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There Are Mainly Four Types Of Work Teams

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There are mainly four types of work teams - Self-managed work teams, Cross-functional teams, Virtual teams and Problem-solving teams.
Self-managed teams are work teams that are given permission to organize and control the work that they do. These group of people perform highly related or inter dependent jobs and take on many of the responsibilities of their former supervisors. This includes planning and scheduling of work, assigning tasks to members, collective control over the pace of work, making operating decisions, and taking action on problems. Fully self-managed work teams even select their own members and have the members evaluate each other‘s performance.
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They allow people to collaborate online. Virtual teams can do all the things that other teams do. They can include members from the same organization or link an organization‘s members with employees from other organizations. They can convene for a few days to solve a problem, a few months to complete a project, or exist permanently.
Problem-solving teams/Task groups usually comprises of five people from the same department who meets for a few hours each week to discuss ways of improving quality, efficiency, and the work environment. Members share ideas or offer suggestions on how work processes and methods can be improved without having the authority to make decisions for them. Such groups only exists for a limited time period. This structure is largely applicable to our group since none of us is given the right to dominate decisions for the team, unlike in a command group. We tend to hold regular meetings on a weekly basis to discuss and improve the quality of our report, while ensuring that deadlines are met. There was a tendency to emphasize on discussion during the various continual assessments as well (i.e. CA1, CA2 & CA3). Before any kind of decisions are made, whether in team-building games in CA1, mind-mapping & peer teaching exercises in CA2 or report writing in CA3, an agreement would be achieved within the group. Members co-operate with each other to achieve specific results for the task and would disband once it is completed.
According to Tuckman’s theory of group development, there are five stages in which a group matures over time - forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning.
The forming stage has two phases. The first phase is when members first join the group for some formal assignment or definite purpose. The second occurs when the group identifies with its purpose, structure and leadership. The second phase involves uncertainty and there is a certain tendency to avoid conflict. Group members approaches each other with caution and explores the boundaries of acceptable group behaviour. There is mixed feelings, usually excitement and anxiety for the success of the project and team. This stage occurs during the first session, when the group is formed. There was slight awkwardness among the members due to unfamiliarity - working patterns, attitudes and perception. Discussions about the group’s direction were held and it was established that there would be no dominant leadership within the team. A general consensus was achieved when discussing about our goals (i.e. common goal), that is, to achieve great results for the project. There was also great effort from members to start conversations amongst themselves.

The storming stage is one in...

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