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There Are Many People Around The World

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Gulf War was initially happened when Iraq, who led by the president Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait on 2nd February 1990. This made other Arab neighbouring countries to called on United States and requested its military assistance. With this invasion, United Nations Security Council has ordered Iraq to withdraw its troops from Kuwait, whereas this request was rejected. This has lead to the war began, codenamed as Operation Dessert Storm, between the United States and its other coalitions fight against Iraq. The war, eventually, was ended on 28 February 1991, with a declaration of ceased fire from Bush administration. The United States and its allied coalitions won over their belligerent Iraq, ...view middle of the document...

Vietnam war and Falkland war are briefly described here with the media position.

It has been widely accepted for many years that the media had shape public opinion during the war, which result in the collapse of the people support. The view has been spread across political arena where the U.S. conservatives has viewed this concept as the media is evil of the war, weakening the national will, while liberals, together with journalists, viewed the press as heroes, informing public where the government try to hide [8A]. During the Vietnam War, which is televised news, there was accused to media coverage that cause the decline of the support of the public will.

In the Falklands/Malvinas war, the media coverage of the war face many challenges. First, there is a difficulty with communication and transportation because of the geography. This cause the media greatly depends on military for the information. Second, it was because the war is mainly a naval war, leading to the firm military control of journalists. There is an interesting case emerged in term of still image of British casualty. The war was portrayed in the press as a greatly sanitized [Taylor, 1991]. There were only a small number of photojournalists and shortage of transmission equipment. Only 202 photographs were transmitted from the war zone, and British Ministry of Defense took out a number of photos, which considered illustrate as bad news. The Press Association totally failed in sending casualty photos. Finally, editors decide not to use photos that reached them [Morrison and Tumber, 1988][8A].

There are many countries around the globe cover the story of the ‘Gulf War’. Since the war mainly initiated by the U.S., it is interesting to see how the U.S. media portray the war and why they perform the way they do. Thus, it is important to have an overview understanding the nature of American media.

There is a study from a book called Manufacturing...

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