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There Are Many Reasons As To Why People Prefer To Live Outside Of The City But Work In The Heart Of It.

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As I stand still in the traffic filled New York City Street attempting to crawl as if I were a turtle trying to cross the road, I begin to contemplate the true beauty of living in the city. It is now the month where everything should be glooming, pleasing, and living, however it is not. In "the Waste Land" by Thomas Sterns Eliot, he states, "April is the cruellest month." This is a metaphor which in my situation reflects the truth. There are many reasons as to why people prefer to live outside of the city but work in the heart of it.I look forward and try to imagine what T.S. Eliot would think if he saw these city streets. In his book, "the Waste Land," it is forced into our imagination that the world is dead; the earth is a waste land. He calls the city an "Unreal City," making the reader think of the city that is referred to as a place worse than any nightmares can ever imagine. When imagining a city that I do not want to live in, first thing that comes to mind is a city that's always dirty and cold. If one was to analyze New York City, it can easily be found that most of the time it is cold; cold enough to need someone there with you if you do not have a home. Just as in the book you would read in the first story that you can only be kept warm in the winter with someone next to you. It is written, "Winter kept us warm." It is also dirty to the extent that the street cleaning trucks that are made to clean the streets cannot handle the amount of filth the ground holds.The Waste Land takes on the degraded mess that Eliot considered modern culture to constitute, particularly after the First World War had ravaged Europe. April is the month that everything should be regenerating. Regeneration, though, is painful, for it brings back reminders of a more fertile and happier past. In the modern world, winter, the time of forgetfulness and numbness, is indeed preferable. Marie's childhood recollections are also painful: the simple world of cousins, sledding, and coffee in the park has been replaced by a complex set of emotional and political consequences resulting from the war. The topic of memory, particularly when it involves remembering the dead, is of critical importance in The Waste Land. Memory creates a confrontation of the past with the present, a combination that points out just how badly things have decayed.The final episode of the Waste Land allows Eliot to finally establish the true wasteland of the poem, the modern city. Eliot's London references Baudelaire's Paris ("Unreal City"), Dickens's London ("the brown fog of a winter dawn") and Dante's hell ("the flowing crowd of the dead"). The city is desolate and depopulated, inhabited only by...

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