There Are Many Problems In The World Today, And Not

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There are many problems in the world today, and not all of them have a solution that is realistic. I believe that one of the most important problems is racism. Although it is not half as bad today as it was years ago, but it is not to the point that it should be.From my experience here in Utica, I have learned that there is much more to life than what I have seen in the past 18 years. Walking down the street where I live is almost the opposite from walking down the streets of Utica. There are certain streets in Utica that it would be foolish for a white person to walk down. There are also areas where blacks feel that they aren't wanted. It is almost the year 2003 and people still have to worry about how they are going to be treated in certain places. One of these places is a college campus. It seems as though blacks hang out on one side of the dorms, and whites hang out on the other. Its not wrong to have friends of the same race, but its wrong to think that you cant be friends with another race. We are all people that eat the same food, go to the same schools, and ride the same bus together. There is no reason why everyone cant respect people with out judging them by there race.This is not a problem with everyone everywhere, but it is a big enough problem to try to handle. I have colored friends and I think...

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