There Are Several Reasons Why You Might Set Goals.

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University can be emotional time. Furthermore revolved lifestyle changes. A constant issue we facing today with student. Include how to study effectively student are expecting to develop study technique in an environment that maybe very different to the one they were use to in school. Such to improve listening, Observation memory, Revision, Reading, Skimming, scanning, in depth-reading, Writing, Mind maps, Note taking and essay instruction. Research from different resources such Google and library search for information correct referencing of sources. Moreover my Children inspired me to continue my journey. Dream my own house and property in the Philippines. Running small business in the Philippines. Become Register Nurse.

Organising myself for nursing degree. I plan to complete a three months program of study leading to OUA. In preparing for university this unit specifically catches my interest because it will help me improved my previous knowledge of study. Gives me full understanding what to expect in high education. I truly believed Tertiary Learning Strategies would help expand my ability to learn. Develop my reading comprehension. Tertiary Learning Strategies unit show ideas how to mind mopping explain that mind mopping create friendly technique to record though well it is very useful to remember important ideas. Mind mopping helps shorting thing out to decide what information to keep. SSK10 units. Explain the ways skimming basically looking for something quite specific focus to get general ideas before putting effort into close reading. I Notice that in depth reading is the most complicated much slower than skim reading processes. The Ideas to get better results best gather the facts and main Ideas. SSK10 unit. Involved Note taking is the ways to record facts accurately from the sources. After understanding the text then begin to recalls only the relevant point include page number. Using highlight to be able to remember easily. Revising notes when it is done. SSK10 unit. Provide technique in writing I intend to forget to look back to the text of writing without reviewing the facts and I don’t write often enough. Firstly I need to aim to have routine strategies in writing regularly. Clear as possible to present the ideas clearly. Sometimes the only way to go for words is focus to success by giving little time returning back in the text. Moreover distraction can caused...

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779 words - 4 pages in such a large group requires additional concentration since there are countless instruments that need to be synchronized together perfectly. It is important for me to concentrate and listen to the other players around me so that I can suitably match my pitch to theirs. In addition to concentration, observations are necessary to avoid making mistakes during performances. Musicians, myself included, often look up from the sheet music and give the

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1325 words - 5 pages whether or not men experience gender discrimination and/or stereotypes when going into the profession perceived as “women’s work.” Stereotypes are the assumption of an individual carries the characteristics of similar group members, whereas discrimination is the actual unfair treatment based on different diversities like race, gender, or age toward an individual or a distinguished group. There are many stereotypes against male nurses; however

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