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There Are Too Many Abortions Essay

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Abortion is the medical termination of a pregnancy that is unwanted by the mother who does not believe in carrying the child for a full term and the eventual delivery of the child. As one can imagine, many women have an inner conflict within themselves when making a decision on such a monstrous topic. Abortion, however, is not the same as a miscarriage, which is the natural ending of a pregnancy without the means of medical intervention. When comparing the two, abortion differs from a miscarriage by the simple fact that it is completed by means of medical procedures and medications rather than by natural means and causes (Lee). Abortion is a necessary medical procedure during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, yet, this procedure is sometimes abused. Although it may be necessary in some cases, it is not always justified, therefore, it deserves to have a far more strict set of guidelines placed upon it.
It is a proven fact that thirty-six or more abortions are performed on women carrying a child aged five months or older on a daily basis. At eight weeks of age, the stomach, liver, and kidneys are functioning, and fingerprints have formed. (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control.) Abortion has been defined by the FIGO Ethics Committee as being, “the termination of pregnancy using drugs and surgical intervention after implantation and before conceptus [the product of conception] has become independently viable.” With abortion, however, comes two different labels for the procedure. There is unsafe abortion, which is defined by WHO (1992) as being, "a procedure for terminating an unwanted pregnancy either by persons lacking the skills or in an environment lacking the minimal medical standards, or both." Yet, a contrasting label of abortion is safe abortion which is determined by the knowledge of the professional who is terminating the pregnancy. In addition, to another key factor in determining whether it is safe or unsafe method is whether or not the environment in which the termination will begin is suitable and equipped with ample accoutrements (Faundes 21).
To fully comprehend abortion, one must first understand the methods in which abortion is completed. To begin with, an often utilized method is the introduction of a dense, pointed object that is impaled through the uterine cervix which causes the membrane to rupture and allows the entrance of infection. In turn, the bacteria that has entered causes the body to reject the embryo/fetus. With that method in mind, another one that is used was introduced with the process being intense massaging of the woman's abdomen. However, with that method in mind, it has proven to be extremely dangerous and usually ends with the need of emergency aid for the mother, as it tends to only partially abort the unborn child. In search of less invasive method, the Chinese developed a method labeled as the Vacuum Aspiration procedure. With this procedure, the uterine...

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