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There is nothing wrong with the world; something is going way much incorrect with the people in it. People are not introspective enough and waste too much time giving the agony that they are encountering on others around them. They are not considering about what they are currently doing and often they don’t realize it. We are focused on outside matters and entities and the problem with the “World” instead of intensifying ourselves and acknowledging our own “Problems.”

I think all of the “World’s” problems begin with the individual satisfaction. The perfect example of this is ego - our self-image. We tend to believe that “if I have more, then my life will be worth more.” The error, is in the concept that “the more, the better,” which leads us to selfishness, striving, rivalry, self-gratification, impulsivity, and a lack of self-accountability. It’s all about what we usually, unconsciously pursue. “More, more, and more,” and “me, me, and me,” and “it’s not my fault.” Our maloccused, inappropriate style of living cause the ego problem. In contrast, when your mind and body are healthy and have right, proper thought, you simply feel good. You’re happy enough. There is no feeling of deficiency. Suddenly then, you want to help other. It’s not a decision, or an effort — it’s entirely natural. I have experienced that change myself and I have seen it happen to others.

The problem of the world WAS, IS, and simply WILL BE the problem of human. And I think the way how to solve this problem is, strongly related to the human's reacting, and a pursuit of happiness. If more people were truly content, and satisfied with their own lives, I fully expect a numerous problems would be solved. Because the people THINK, they think and tend to believe that the world is descently proper place to live in. I have seen the effects that one...

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