There Is No Place Like Home.

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There is no place like HomeThe charms and pleasures of domestic life are known to everyone just go out to another town to see your relative, and there you will be secretly pining for your home, sweet home. You will remember the delightful evenings you passed around the fireside. It will be delightful to recall the scene of your father returning home after his day's work, the children climbing on his knee; the mother preparing the evening meal and your sisters, talking of sweet innocent things; the kindly neighbors drop in helping to pass the evening hours merrily with their pleasant and cheerful conversation. Just as a man who has undergone suffering knows the meaning of pleasures, similarly a man, who has lived a substantial portion of his life away from home and shorn of the comforts and warmth of a home, truly appreciates the importance of come. As industrialization advanced, many people left their villages to make it big in cities. Their grit, determination and tenacity won them great fortunes. But they could never forget the ease and relaxation they experienced back home. John Howard Payne voiced the feelings of such adventurers when he penned his famous lines:Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home; A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there, Which seen through the world, is never met with elsewhere. Home, house, sweet, sweet home; There is no place like home!Students have a taste of life outside home when they have to stay in a HOSTEL for studies. After long hours of lectures and practicals, when they return to their rooms in the HOSTEL they feel disgusted with the shape of their room and lives.They find things lying helter-skelter. Being tired, they have little inclination to do things up. They have to rush to the dining hall to be in time for the lunch. The mess waiter will not wait for them after lunch hours and they have to go without food boarders, therefore, long for weekends and vacations to rush to their homes to savor the warmth of a mother, protection of a father and affections of a brother or a sister.The absence of home is felt strongly by a youngman or woman who takes up his first job in a place far away his home town. He has to part with a substantial part of his salary to live in some congested area of the town in a dingy home. The best part of his morning and evening time is spent in shuttling between his residence and restaurant work he can hardly rest or relax.He has to make provisions for the next morning; otherwise he may have to walk a mile for his morning cup of tea. Isolated from the securities and certainties of home, many a youngman finds the world an inhospitable and dreary place to live in.Some youngmen, particularly the teenagers, find the discipline and constraints of home unpleasant they denigrate the attitude of their parents who impose undue restrictions on them for observing timing in returning home in the evening or at nights. They feel that the...

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