There Is No Longer Love Essay

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"Stop asking stupid questions." "How's "˜where are we going?' a stupid question. When you asked me to come along on this stupid expedition with you I figured I could trust your intentions but I'm beginning to see that assumption really does make an ass of somebody." "Look kid, if you can't trust me who can you trust. Now shut up we're almost there." "Yeah. Easier said than done. What are we looking for anyway?" "What is it about shut up you don't understand?" "The up." It was mumbled under his breath in the exact way that he knew it would irritate his brother the most and Bill could only feel some sense of victory, in this argument at least. Victories came far and few between for Bill when it came to his brother and fortunately or otherwise when it came to much else. It is the curse of the sheep that he should experience most of the troughs of his shepherd but is faded quickly out of the limelight when the rare peak arises. But it was Bill. It was the nature of him. He rarely stood up for himself and endured punishment like a masochist. Always had an excuse handy, and quietly blamed himself for all when he was alone. Hated depression but felt uncomfortable with any other feeling. It was in his very nature to take pain in much the same ways he took love, straight to the heart.What Jim failed to recognize, as he often did, was that the truths he so gallantly sought were not entirely those of his little brother. In Jim's life things were somewhat content, like a moored boat the occasional rocking was simply part of the sensation of life, nothing more. However, he was not quite ready to be released to sea. Jim's mind needed answers and he was willing to seek them out at all costs, and as companionship was a necessity in this quest, as well as in his life, who better to accompany him through this than his younger brother. He made himself believe that somehow these experiences would make a man out of his brother, but were probably more for the purpose of making a man of himself. He believed he was trying to instill in Bill the strength that he was sure to need if his life was to end up less fruitless than Jim believed his had been so far. Strength that Jim could of course borrow occasionally when the need arose. What he did not realize however was that the truth that they were both sure to stumble on could have exactly the opposite effect. One so terrible that it depresses the very depths of ones mind even to think of it.Bill's life was always hazy, not at all dark just...

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