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There Is Always Someone Watching Essay

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“I always feel like somebody’s watching me!” This is the hook from a song by Rockwell in 1984. It is twenty years later and these words still speak the truth, but have a much deeper meaning. Today you can’t make any moves in this world without someone possibly knowing what it is. In general, privacy is the right to be free from secret surveillance and to determine whether, when, how, and to whom, one's personal or organizational information is to be revealed. The development of social media outlets and the advancements in technology today are making privacy an outdated concept and a thing of the past. The question now becomes how far is too far and have we lost our basic right to privacy in ...view middle of the document...

This is a true invasion of privacy because you now have no choice of what is shared and sent to the Google cloud. My falling down on a patch of ice was witnessed by a person wearing these glasses. That person can save it and load it to his Facebook page for the all the world to see. It is a little unsettling that this is now going on in the world. We already have to deal with the cell phone cameras and video recordings, but now you can literally look at me with a pair of glasses and share my life without my knowledge? Plus Google and third party vendors no owned my information that I did not authorize them to share. The development of this technology may seem hip and cool, but it is taking away our right of choice as the person not wearing the glasses and that is not fair. “Little brother” devices like these are just the tip of the iceberg. “Big brother” is onto bigger and better things.
The concept of “big brother is always watching” has been thrown around in kind of a joking fashion for many years, but now this is a very real concept that needs to be looked at for its good and bad. The Government or “big brother” has always wanted to have better access to society. After 9/11 the urgency seems to have come to a head and they really pushed to be able to have access everything in the name of protection. We are not given a choice in the way “big brother” goes about gathering our information or what they use to gather it. One major program being worked on is a facial-recognition verification program. Verification is matching a real time image against a claimed identity by utilizing a library of certified images. (Mack, 2014) The United States still has these programs in the developmental stages working out the bugs to make it as effective as possible, but countries like China have programs that are up and running. The National Golden Shield program aims to use facial recognition to track every one of China’s 1.3 billion people. (Mack, 2014) The state of the art in China is now the ability to verify identity using facial recognition software from up to 500 feet away. (Mack, 2014) Governments can now identify you without your DNA or your permission. This I feel good for criminal or terrorists, but not the average person like myself who has no desire to be in the “bank”. I have never committed a crime. I shouldn’t be subjected to being in a system without the choice. U.S courts have ruled that the use of facial-recognition technology may be restricted under the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition of “unreasonable search and seizure.” (Mack, 2014) If you can’t come into my house to search without a justifiable reason you shouldn’t be able to have my face in a data base for no reason. That is an invasion of my personal privacy. To be honest we already have a facial-recognition that we use every day voluntarily and that...

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