There Is An Evident Difference Between The Kind Of Work

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There is an evident difference between the kind of work marketing practitioner involved in everyday managerial decision making does and the work a marketing scientist is involved in. Whereas the first one is concerned with the optimization of a set of variables that may maximize a performance measure, the second attempts to generate scientific knowledge in marketing related issues.Most of the definitions of Science differ in depth or scope and none can be considered more valid than the other. Anyhow, all the definitions have some factors in common which can be summarized in the following: Science is concerned with a connected body of demonstrated truths or with observed facts. These truths ...view middle of the document...

· A qualitative model aiming at explaining the cognitive and emotional attitudes of a customer.· A quantitative empirical model that attempts to understand forecast the behavior of players in a particular type of market.All these examples attempt to find general principles and patterns from particular phenomena. The process by which these general statements generated involves disentangling complex systems into parts and retaining the elements in common across the different contextual environments. The more general a statement the greater the scope and thus the more appealing to the scientist. of some generalizable elements from the particular contextual environment. The world, broadly speaking, is constituted by particularities that a scientist relates together.. For that reason, it is not always possible (or at least easy) to apply general scientific findings to particular concrete situations.How are these general statements applied to specific situation? There is not a straightforward answer to that question, especially in the social sciences. In particular, marketing practitioners are not concerned with generalities. They face particular problematic situations that require solutions specifically tailored for that particular firm, business unit, geographic region and period of time. Even though Marketing Science findings can be found useful in some situations, this is not always true. The complexity of marketing systems makes it difficult to bridge the gap between scientific generalizations and context-specific particular problems.Managers usually have to look at the system from an engineering point of view. In other words, they need to find an optimum solution for a design problem. This design can take many forms but in general terms can be thought of as the set of decisions necessary to...

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