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There Is Life On Other Planets

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Most people would argue with anyone who says that we are the only form of life in theUniverse but there are also many who would tell you that we are not the only livingcreatures that could live in a universe so vast and unknown. In this essay I will try and prove to whomever reads this essay that life does in fact exist on other plants and we are not alone in this universe. Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what could be out there? After you read this essay your view on whether or not we are alone in the galaxy might change. There is life on other plants and I believe this because of the following three points and I will share them with you in this essay. The three points are as follows: How can we be the only species alive in a universe so big and we don't even know what is passed our own galaxy never mind an entire universe. The second point is that those "7 Wonders of The World" could not have been made by humans and the third and final point is that with all the reports of encounters and abductions its impossible for all those people to report similar things and have it all made up.My first point to support my theory that live does exists on other planets is that I believe that in a universe so big and unexplored how humans can be the only form of intelligent creatures. There have to be species out there that are as intelligent if not more advance then humans. If the universe is so big and humans can only go so far with the technology we have now then how we know for sure that maybe there isn't another planet out there with life on it that is 20 years ahead of us technologically. One day we will be able to see beyond the limits of our galaxy and into others far away and we will in fact find life out there and who knows, maybe we will...

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