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There Is Still Work To Be Done

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In 1960, Martin Luther King Jr. Famously quoted part of his dream: "We must learn

to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." Ever since then our country has

been working on the racism dilemma between the African Americans and the Whites.

Obviously there is still work to be done. Profiling, harassing, and discriminating against

the African American race to the extreme, the Miami Gardens Police Department has

intentionally targeted the black civilians, made them scapegoats at their discretion, and

completely ignored what Martin Luther King Jr. fought about to end the racism between

whites and blacks.

The black civilians of Miami Gardens District have recently been violated of their own

basic rights. A man by the age of 28 named, Earl Sampson, has been a victim of this

crazed act of profiling from his very own Police Department."Sampson has been

stopped and questioned by police 258 times in four years, searched more than 100

times, and arrested and jailed 56 times. Mainly because of being accused of

Trespassing at his own job!" (MiamiHerald). Sickened by this, his boss, Alex Saleh,

decided to put up security cameras to catch the police doing these absurd things to

Sampson and other workers (MiamiHerald). Saleh also put up the cameras because of

a liability issue, because if one of his employees or customers would have been hurt
from one of the cops, then it could turn on him and make him look back due to liability

issues. Saleh has also talked to The Miami Herald and said, "Sampson would be

stopped during his working hours and be questioned and searched up to three times a

day" (NEWSONE). Saleh has also said that all of his workers and even some customers

have been profiled and abused by the police. This goes to show that the dilemma

between races has not been stopped.

Racism over the course of 50 years has been a major issue in our country. People

would judge each other about their color, social status, and sometimes their popularity.

As a Country we have been through a lot. We all need to love each other and come

together just as we do when we face trials as a country. The black race

has been ridiculed, despised, and hated on the past fifty years because of the white

race so called "claiming" their dominance. They think they are the supreme race but

actually they are not. As it says in Galatians 3:28, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there

is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for we are...

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