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There's A First Time For Everything

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Dim, cold, exciting and tiring; those are the words that best summed out how I felt that day. I would call myself a man of adventure, especially with an atmosphere such as during camp. Camp was a time where new experiences are made, and an overcast Thursday afternoon was that time.

Despite having a very dark and overcast afternoon, that day started of hot and sticky.
Within 30 minutes after taking a shower, I started sweating. Great, what a way to start the day. I thought to myself while I wondered what the rafting site would look like. I thought about it for a long time and came up with a scene running through my mind.

I imagined a truck, which transported us group by group to the rafting site. As soon as our feet touched the floor our instructors would greet us. Our instructors then
would give us tips on how to row properly and then proceeded to the fun. I then imagined all the students having a wonderful time, the sun ...view middle of the document...

Once we arrived at our rafting site, we had to walk a great distance to reach the rafting zone. I climbed down a long flight of stairs, there had to be more than 400 steps.

Once I reached the rafting zone I felt glad. Finally, I’m here. I am ready to have fun. The thought of fun kept running through my mind as I was expecting to have the time of my life. What a fool I was, as soon as I put on my equipment, picked up the oar and sat on the raft accompanied by an instructor at the back pulling all the strings. I knew I was in for a rough one.

“ Synchronize the motion of your paddles!”.
“One, two, one and two”.

Those were the two terms he used for most of the journey. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that we needed to work as a team in order to keep the boat going at a steady pace but goodness me. Rocks were everywhere, and I am not exaggerating when I say that. We spent most of the time attempting to break free of the grasp of the rock. Our instructor had to hop of the raft and pull us at one point; it was a mess.

The fact that I hit my friend’s face twice didn’t help relax me neither. We were stuck in an opposing current and had to battle against it, but the current was so strong and my arms were so tired I gave into the rough motion of the current and smacked my friend’s face in not once, but twice!

“Michael, are you alright? I’m sorry, I did not mean it.” I say again and again to him, trying to get him to accept my apology. “He’s fine, just continue rowing.” The instructor yells at me. How rude I think to myself as I continue feeling guilty whilst rowing. As soon as we reached our final destination, I was absolutely fatigued. And to make matters worse, it was freezing and I needed to use the bathroom terribly. I reflect upon my day thinking What an adventure, you only experience something for the first time once in a life time. At least it was fun.

Looking back on that day, which was definitely an experience I would not forget for a long time. The whole camp experience put me into situations and made me experience things I would never have tried otherwise. I reflect on the whole experience as a life lesson. To always try new things and to be adventurous in life as long as the thing we are doin


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