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There Has Been No Global Warming

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It is difficult to turn on the news or surf the internet without hearing about global warming. It is currently a very controversial topic in America. Many politicians use the idea of global warming to alarm their target audience and earn their votes. Billions of dollars are spent each year to reduce America’s carbon footprint, whether it be on cleaner technologies or alternative fuel sources. This is all done without concrete evidence that proves global warming is actually taking place. If it is actually taking place, there is no convincing evidence that verifies it is directly being caused by the human population. The topic of global warming has become more than the protection of our planet. It is becoming a game of politics. Our lawmakers are supporting the spending of these large amounts of money towards a cause that hasn’t been verified; when the funds could be used on other problems our country is faced with, such as healthcare or the rapidly-increasing national debt. This is a problem that continues to grow. Our country is becoming more comfortable with the idea of big spending, and the issue is starting to be swept under the rug. This is an important issue. Our taxpayers’ dollars are being wasted and this issue is contributing to the election of officials for a fictitious cause. If it is not stopped, America will continue to spend billions of dollars per year on something that will not change and political leaders will continue to be elected for the wrong reasons.
There are many examples that show how our government supports uncertain climate change claims. In 1997, global climate scientists were asked if they supported the global warming theory. Eighty-three percent of them disagreed with this theory (DeWeese). Our government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars per year promoting recycling. “School children have been told that recycling is a matter of life & death. Businesses have been shut down. Valuable products like Freon have been removed from the market. Chemicals and pesticides that helped to make this nation the safest and healthiest in the world are targeted for extinction” (DeWeese). Senator Al Gore rushed to the floor of the Senate with the news of a hole in the ozone layer, and convinced them to immediately ban Freon (five years before Congress intended) and do so without a suitable substitute. Al Gore then persuaded President George H.W. Bush to sign legislation by saying the ozone hole was over Bush’s favorite vacation spot, Kennebunk Port, Maine (DeWeese). It was so easy to convince Congress to ban Freon, and two months later NASA announced that further research had shown that there was no such damage. It was too late to bring back Freon, a valuable substance in America (DeWeese). This is a great example that proves that the American government will support anything related to global warming, even without extensive research. The government’s efforts to reduce global warming will, in the...

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