There’s No Place Like Home Essay

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How many times have you appreciated things when you don’t have them anymore? People usually don’t know the value of having something in their life, until it’s gone. That’s when they realize how much meaning it used to have to them, because they start to miss it. Maybe because people think that whatever they have it’s going to be there for them forever so they just don’t see the importance that it has in their life and how it will impact them not to have it. There are many people in the world who don’t have the security to go back to a place where they can get a good night sleep, a hot shower or a family to be waiting for you with their arms open. Many people consider their home to be there for them eternally, but there are people who don’t even have a safe place to call home.
The book, Keesha’s House by Helen Frost, tells the story of Keesha a teenager girl who found a new secure place to call home with Joe and other teenager lookout to her house when they just cant make it to their own home.
“There is no place like home.” Now that I have been away from home for almost three years, I have come to appreciate everything that I have there, starting with being in company of my family and friends to having a comfortable bed and all the commodities that come with. I learned to appreciate the food my mom prepares, even the ones I used to complain about, because when I am away I miss her cooking and being in company of my best friend. I have learned to value everything that my parents do for me when I am home to make me feel comfortable and special. I know that there aren’t many people in the world who have this opportunity to have a place to call home, which has make me appreciate more what God has given me. A case in Keesha’s House is Dontay a teenager boy who lives with his foster parents but treat them less than his foster brother. The house where he lives has all the commodities he needs to be comfortable, he has a place to sleep and food serve on the table when he isn’t late for meal time because otherwise no one cares if he has eaten or not. But his foster home is lacking the feeling of feeling wanted and loved. He ran away from her foster home and has been sleeping in people’s couches....

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