There's Nothing Wrong With Vocational School

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Charles Murray, the author of “What’s Wrong With Vocational School?” discusses how too many of today’s high school graduates wrongfully head off to a four-year college. For a large majority of the population, a college education is unnecessary. Murray says that a lot of students don’t even want an advanced education. Even if they do want an education, they aren’t qualified for it. Additionally, a large number of these students are striving for an education or experience that a four-year college isn’t meant to fulfill.
Murray emphasizes that our society has placed a false belief on college degrees. In other words, obtaining a degree doesn’t necessarily make someone creditable or qualified. Murray says that vocational training (training for a specific industry or job field) is the better path to go after high school. Crucial skills and experience are more effectively gained in vocational training, and these types of skills are valued more than a college transcript. In the end, college is an option, and the rigorous curriculum and knowledge gained at a four-year college is not for everyone.
Heading off to a four-year college after graduating from high school has become the norm. However, like Murray, I believe that a college education is not for everyone. Vocational school provides students with an education and an experience necessary for only their job of interest. Instead of taking off your cap and gown and running off to college, people should consider vocational school because it saves so much money, is worth the time, and prepares students with an education specific to their needs. It is common knowledge that college prices have skyrocketed and put students into major debt. Thousands of dollars in loans are taken out each year just to pay for an education that isn’t really useful in the end. The majority of my friends left for college and are paying $22,000 to receive the same education that I’m getting at a community college for $2,000. What’s the point? What if they change their major and have to spend more time in college, and spend even more money? The idea of spending so much money to receive an education you don’t really need is just stupid to me. Four-year colleges are ten times more...

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