There Should Be Another Choice: Euthanasia

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There are two types of suicide that a person may commit. One type is usually done because of depression or other mental problems. This form of suicide can be seen as "irrational self-murder" and is the type usually associated with what most people think of when they hear the word 'suicide'. I do not believe that suicide is a valid option for anybody with a mental disorder and that any desire to end your life is a result of such disease. Nevertheless, one's life is their own responsibility and some people are so distraught that they no longer want to continue.There is another form of suicide; a form that is rational and can be used as a permanent cure for an irreversible and unbearable torture. Physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia, self-deliverance - what ever you want to call it - for many people is a more preferable way to end their life - if done so for the right reasons. Or at least it is comforting to know you always have the choice to do so if necessary. There are four main conditions a person must satisfy before being provided the means to carry out a humane self-deliverance. These requirements are set by the state of Oregon, and satisfying them is also necessary before euthanasia is considered morally acceptable by most people who accept euthanasia as a tolerable decision. The person must be 1) terminally ill 2) feels their life is not worth living because of intractable pain, and/or loss of dignity, and/or loss of capability 3) repeatedly and actively asking for help in committing suicide and 4) of sound mind and not suffering from depression.Euthanasia is meant as the final remedy for terminally ill patients who have no other alternative, who experience extreme amounts of uncontrollable pain, and who feel their life is not worth living because of their disease -- and not because of mental depression. This is exactly why euthanasia is not for a person who suffers from just depression. If the person does not satisfy the above criteria, mental depression must not be the allowed to control a person's decision for wanting assistence in suicide. Instead, mental depression must be treated. Medication such as Prozac work for treating depression.So why is assisting in a suicide a crime in the United States? Frances Graves, a Death with Dignity writer, answers this question quite simply. Generally, when you hear of somebody killing themselves, you may think what an awful thing to do. This is because society has dictated that any unnatural death is bad - no matter what the reason; death is bad. These people don't realize that for some people, death is the needed solution to their suffering. Some people are just too concerned with what others choose to do with their life. And "this may be because [their] motive is good. The general idea of preserving life is good, but carrying it to an extreme is not. Following one's religion is good, but imposing it on another is not." Instead, in a society which is so caring and compassionate towards human...

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