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There Is Just Not Enough Essay

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Today’s society faces the continually growing problem of electronics and social media, and while some people claim that we have too much, I believe that we do not have enough of it. People have become so shameful through their lack of communication these days with each other through texting, phone calls, emails and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook have become places where people are not constantly uploading their entire life story online about how they just took a shit and hid it in their boss’ office, or when they put up 100 back-to-back posts about how they cannot stop thinking about their boyfriend or girlfriend, who then dumps them two days later, and they wonder why? If they had posted 500 posts instead, maybe they would still be together. Seriously, people have become so selfish by not inundating the world with their mindless saturations about how they just found out that they were adopted by Bavarian gypsies, or how they forgot to tell everyone that R. Kelly was trapped in THEIR closet, which therefore creates a society uninformed about the uninteresting and totally predictable things people have done, are about to do or will be doing soon. 'I'm taking the bus now' ' I'm having lunch now'. 'I think I need to go on a diet.' 'I have to poop now.' ‘Goodnight world.’
Pathetic people have become a huge problem for our society because they have not continued to update me, and the rest of the world, about their obviously fantastic life. I want to know more about what lavender infused Kobe beef patties they have eaten (pictures included), what street they found their new crack dealer on, or how they felt walking in on their boyfriend of six years, to find him cheating on them with his best friend Craig, while strapped into the bedroom swing. I want to know more about people’s every pitiful thoughts as they claim that they are ‘the worst person ever, and someone should just kill them’, with hopes that someone else will comment in disagreement. I absolutely just love it when my Facebook fills up with unbelievably valuable information concerning other people's lives about how they were born with an extra kidney and wished to sell it on the black market to make more money, but sadly, it was underdeveloped and just caused them to wet the bed until the fourth grade. I get extremely aggravated when I do not see enough information or that I am blocked from seeing the post or comment about how people spend all day doing cocaine and drinking tiger’s blood. However, I cannot stand when people waste their time posting about how their grandma died last week or how their dog got run over by a meth addict; those stories are lousy and predictable. I want to know more about what new whore houses people have checked into, conversations they are having with their friends and roommates(even though they are sitting right next to them) about which one has more cellulite in their body due to their binge drinking and massive...

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