There Is Nothing To Admire In Any Member Of The Simms. Do You Agree?

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There is nothing to admire in any member of the Simms. Do you agree?I think that this statement is too blunt. There are characteristics of everyone that we should admire. There is one obvious member of the Simms family that we can admire, Jeremy. While other members of the family we dislike due to them being racist. We seem to forget that these people were living in an unjust and unequal community. It was normal for white people to think that they were superior to black people, "that's the way of things." I'm not condoning racist behaviour in anyway, but I am saying that everyone has a good quality and even if they are weak and need to follow others this does not mean they wont have any good qualities.Jeremy Simms is one of the nicest characters of the whole book and definitely the most favourable Simms family member. Although he seems weak, always getting hit and beaten because he likes the Logan children, he is actually one of the strongest characters in the book. He stands up for what he believes and is not racist towards the Logan children. At Christmas in the story he makes Stacey a present and brings nuts for the Logans. Although both Stacey and Jeremy do like each other their friendship always seems false. This is because both of them know that the friendship wouldn't be accepted by Jeremy's family and Stacey's family find it awkward. This is shown when Jeremy visits at Christmas, before Stacey accepts the gift he checks with his father that it is ok. When Jeremy is gone Papa Logan says, "Far as I'm concerned, friendship between black and white don't mean much cause it usually ain't based on an equal basis." There is a lot that you can admire in Jeremy so I think the title statement is wrong.While the Christmas day story was a kind and thoughtful one, there are many that are not. I think that the incident in Strawberry is one that made Cassie realise that her parents were keeping her in a protective bubble from the racist world around her. When Cassie bumps into Lillian-Jean on the sidewalk in Strawberry, she is already annoyed about what had happened in the shop, and although she quickly apologises not wanting a fight it is not enough for Lillian-Jean who wants to cause a scene, she attempts to shove Cassie off the sidewalk. Mr Simms comes along and pulls Cassie off, making her fall to the ground. She tells him that she has already apologised but that doesn't seem enough for him. He makes her do it again this time calling her, "Miz Lillian-Jean." By the time she had finished she was in tears and fled crying to the wagon she says, "No day in all my life had ever been as cruel as this one." To make a child feel like this you must be very heartless, we can see that he does not have many characteristics to admire.As you can see, both Lillian-Jean and Mr Simms enjoy making black people feel inferior to them. I don't think that this should make anyone admire them. After the event in Strawberry Cassie is very hurt and annoyed, she is seeking...

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