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There Will Always Be Wars. Do You Agree?

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Throughout history, civilizations have declared wars for many reasons such as valuables, land, resources and mainly desires. The desire for war is generally caused by human nature and so mankind have great propensities to do according to his desires and has other people agree to his desires and preferences. I will discuss why some people agree or disagree with the statement above as well as stating my own opinion.
Some people would agree with the statement because everyone will always have different beliefs and personal desires. One person will always believe he or she is right in what they think, there will always be that one person who does not want to just believe that they could be wrong so it is in our nature to fight over things such as: race, religion, land, resources and wealth. This means that war will continue because people have their own beliefs and desires and wish to stand by them. In some cases, people create wars just to prove a point, which creates even more war & violence. For example, James 4:1-2 (Jerusalem Bible) says, ‘Where do these wars and battles between yourselves first start? Isn't it precisely in the desires fighting inside your own selves? You want something and you haven't got it; so you're prepared to kill. You have an ambition you can't satisfy, so you fight to get your way by force.’ This means that the causes of war are selfishness and pride and so people go against each other; they want greed, power, resources and wealth. For instance, whenever there is a battle between two nations or two businesses, someone is exhibiting selfishness or pride. As a result, this causes wars and conflicts.
Also, war is like a process, it continues and will always continue until the process stops, if ever by any chance. Consequently, as the process goes on, as it has for been centuries, it advances. There have been many improvements to technology and this can influence one’s decisions about their opinions. Therefore, just the way it is fought will change but there will always be wars.
Other people would disagree with the statement because not everybody wants to have conflict. The world could change if everybody lives a normal life in peace. War could change people, places and religious beliefs. Jesus has taught that Christians should be against war and violence, ‘If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also,’ this means not take action against someone who does something to you; do not take revenge. So, people who follow Jesus’s teachings will know that violence is immoral and they would live peacefully even if there is a war going on because they have faith in God. Therefore, the world was made to be a peaceful place where humans could live in harmony and war could stop if we all help.
Another reason is that many people are pacifists. This means that they believe in non-violence and so are opposed to war or violent conflict. Some people are pacifists because they believe that it is immoral to use...

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