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The Ready And Easy Way To Establish A Free Commonwealth By John Milton

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TheReady and Easy Way To Establish a Free Commonwealth by John Milton exploredthe reality of a free commonwealth emerging in England as well as thepossibilities of monarchy returning. Milton was both a philosopher and prophet.With the recent establishment of a free commonwealth in England Milton realizedthe necessity for the proper leadership. Milton proposed for his fellow Englishmen a Parliamentary instead ofrestoration.Miltonwrote a number of pamphlets around the1660s in which he told of the benefits offreedom and liberty, as well as the dangers of the monarchy. Milton drew hisconclusions based on scripture and the basis of freedom and liberty. "We remainfinally secure from the exasperated regal power, and out of snares; shallretain the best part of our liberty, which is our religion, and the civil partwill be from these who defer us much more easily recovered, being neither sosubtle nor so awful as a king reinthroned"(Milton 334-35). Milton talks of thepeoples new freedom in his statement "our victory at once against two of themost prevailing usurpers over mankind, superstition and tyranny"(Milton 335).He claims to see England's hard fight for this freedom as threatened by thepossibility of monarchy returning.Miltonportrays the king and his power as both tyrannical, as well as hypocritical.Milton claimed that the prior monarchs had taken on the role as both king andgod. He states that "They made not their covenant concerning him with nodifference between a king and a god"(Milton 332). He believed that the kingshad formed the system of previous government, and by forming religion in thechurch of England made themselves all powerful and in a sense a god. Miltonclaimed that the people of England under a king faced a dilemma "when we couldnot serve two contrary masters, God and the king"(Milton 332). Milton also sawthe king as master and the Englishmen as the slaves. The system of monarchythat allowed one person to be the absolute power allowed for no otherarrangement than that of Master and slaves. This being because your everyaction and effort is done for the benefit of the king.Thepossibility of England returning to a kingship weighed heavy on Milton's mindwhen he wrote this pamphlet. He thought that if not executed correctly that thenew freedoms attained by the English would be never fully realized if theEnglish were to let the king retain the previous powers. Milton argued that theking could retain power by the peopleallowing this to happen. He states this in his comparison to the Jews led byMoses at Mt. Sinai "the Jews to return back to Egypt and to worship of theiridol queen because they falsely imagined that they lived in more plenty andprosperity"(Milton 352). Milton declares that England's situation is the same as those slaves who meltedtheir jewelry to build an idol calf to present to the queen to take them backinto slavery, for they had never known freedom and had little trust in theconcept. This is a strong statement claiming that...

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