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So Much To Tell You Essay

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How does Marsden develop Marina as a character? Surrounded by eyes watching and voices judging, Marina, Marsden's main character in the play So Much To Tell You, finds herself in a lonely, new world after an un-explained emotional trauma. Choosing not to use her own voice, however, Marina remains silent for the duration of the play... Marina is the main character in John Marsden's play, So Much To Tell You. Following an un-explained emotional trauma, Marina finds herself in a lonely, new world, surrounded by eyes always watching and voices always commenting. She chooses not to use her own voice, however, and remains silent for the duration of the play, until in the very last scene where she speaks to the one person she knows and loves: her father. Her role as the main character brings out many messages and themes throughout the play, and with Marsden's help Marina's character develops. This development can be seen through the flashback scenes in the play, Marina's daily diary entries and through the different views of those around her. Marsden uses these techniques to develop Marina, the silent character, throughout the play. We are introduced to Marina the diarist early on in the play, where she pens her thoughts into her new school journal, after promising to herself she would never put her secrets on paper. This is the primary means of communication between Marina as the main character and the audience. Marsden uses this technique to develop Marina as a character throughout the play. We can see this development through Marina bring hesitant to write what she is really thinking in her journal at the beginning of the play, but by the end her writing is confident and excessive, and as if she were really speaking. Journal writing is one of Marsden's methods of letting the audience know what Marina is thinking and how different her thoughts are throughout the play. Another way Marsden develops Marina as a character is through flashbacks scenes. These flashbacks show the audience that, prior to the trauma that Marina suffered, she was similar to those around her; possibly even a stereotypical eleven or twelve year old. These scenes contrast what type of person Marina was before the play and how different she is during the play. We can see this in the way that Marina communicates with those around her, for example in Scene 4 when she is with her friends on the snowfields, the talk between them is typical of that of an eleven year old. The flashback scenes show us that Marina was popular and accepted socially, "Oh, I had the best stack. Thanks for waiting you guys..." (pg. 5). Marsden also uses flashback scenes to show the initial relationship between Marina's father and herself, and how different it was compared to the relationship we see later on in the play. In one flashback scene, Marina says "...daddy's coming home tonight; I'll be rich then." (pg. 5), but later on she doesn't even know his whereabouts: "I have written a letter...I think my...

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