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These Are Great Study Notes On The Punic Wars

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The Punic Wars NotesThe Punic Wars was a series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage for a period of 118 years. Rome, one of the sides of these wars, was a immense empire whose influence covered much of the known world at the time. Carthage, the other player in the Punic Wars, was a city state on the North Coast of Africa which had partial control over Sicily before wars and whose location was ideal for trading ground in the Mediterranean.The first war (264-241 BC) started because a conflict between two different city states on the island of Sicily, Messana and Syracuse, had been going on and eventually both Rome and Carthage stepped in. During their intervention, Carthage began to control more and more of the island of Sicily. So because of Carthage's expanding influence of Sicily, many Romans felt that Carthage's authority in Sicily threatened them and their trading. Romans attacked and quickly gained Sicily back in their control. However, because of Rome's lack of a navy they could not push Carthage back any farther. Rome soon built a navy. After C. Duilius won the first Roman sea battle of the Punic Wars, Rome dominated the sea winning all but one sea battle for the rest of the First Punic War. With Rome's authority on land and at sea, Carthage surrendered after the Roman victory at the Aegates Islands in 241 BC.The peace lasted for twenty-three years before Carthage's resentfulness in losing the first war brought them into a second. The centerstone...

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816 words - 4 pages The first Punic war started like this...Tradition holds that Phoenician settlers from the Mediterranean port of Tyre founded the city-state of Carthage on the northern coast of Africa, around 814 B.C. By 265 B.C. Carthage was the wealthiest and most advanced city in the region, as well as its leading naval power. Though Carthage had clashed violently with several other powers in the region, its relations with Rome were historically friendly, and

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1343 words - 6 pages worst defeats in Roman history. The final battle of the Third Punic War was the Battle of Carthage. The battle ended not only the Punic Wars but it also ended Carthage altogether. Rome sieged Carthage and took all of their lands stretching themselves through northern Africa. The impact the wars had on both Rome and Carthage were great, but Rome had greater influence and was able to defeat Carthage. With the land they captured Rome was a very

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992 words - 4 pages Discuss the Punic Wars. What caused the conflicts between Carthage and Rome? What were the consequences for both sides? There was a series of three Punic Wars between Carthage and Rome with the first occurring between 264 BCE and the last one ending in 146 BCE. The reasoning and motives for the three wars varies. However, no matter what the motives of the wars were, the end result was the defeat and total destruction of the Carthaginian