These Are Just Some Notes On The Types Of Government To Go With A Research Assignment I Done When I Was 15

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Politics & teen understandingThe present government is run by what system?The new Zealand government is run by a system of democracy, represented by the western society.What does this mean?This means that it is for the people by the people. The decisions are made through voting, and then dealt with by a court & politiciansWhat is anarchy?Anarchy: A state of lawless or political disorder due to absence of governmental authority.To what extent does the New Zealand government recognise your right to protest?What is the present understanding of the government within the teenage society?Mandy: they suck!Casey: teenagers don't care about the government, they should listen to the youth though!!!!Bonny: I really don't know about the government and quite frankly I don't want to knowTurk: I don't understand/care about anything to do with the governmentDaniel: I think there is very little understanding.... as most teenagers are simple ... and don't think about politicsNick: um yea I dint really care about that the government at the momentKylie: that they are fighting for what they believe is right and are dispersed over a large amount of areas to produce optimum opportunities for New ZealandersWhat are other forms of government?AnarchyAnarchy is a situation where there is no government.This can happen after a civil war in a country, when a government has been destroyed and rival groups are fighting to take its place.Anarchists are people who believe that government is a bad thing. They say it stops people organising their own lives.CapitalistIn a capitalist or free-market country, people can own their own businesses and property.People can also buy services for private use, such as healthcare.But most capitalist governments also provide their own education, health and...

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614 words - 2 pages never look upon the more,Never have relish in the fairy powerOf unreflecting love; then on the shoreOf the wide world I stand alone and thinkTill love and fame to nothingness do sink. In the sonnet When I have fears that I may cease to beJohn Keats expresses his feelings about his disease, Tuberculosis, and the fears of dieing that overwhelms him. In this sonnet, there are autobiographical overtones. Keats expresses his true feelings

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708 words - 3 pages For my paper I have done research on Tony hawks pro-skater Special meter always full Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle to always have a full special meter. If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake. Alternately, complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all three competitions in career mode with Rune Clifberg. -From:

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941 words - 4 pages and sit-ups every night before you go to bed in order to be in shape, when in reality you can just play a sport or run around and have fun and still be in good condition. As long as you have a caring heart, enjoy every day of your life, and do good deeds you are set to go. You do not even have to believe in God to do those things. I am very excepting of those who do not choose to believe God or do choose to believe in some other higher being. I

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