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These Are Words To Live By (Three Messages From “Tintern Abbey”)

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William Wordsworth was a very wise man. He was born into a lot of wealth. In his time, the wealthy people could afford not to work. Some of them would just travel. They would walk from town to town, paying for whatever they needed to survive. Wordsworth was one of those people. He would take trips that lasted years. After one of these very long journeys, he came back home, and sat on a hillside a few miles above Tintern Abbey, an old, ruined cathedral. It truly was a long journey. “Five years have past,” he says. Five years is a long time to be away from home. As he sat there, above the cathedral, he thought a lot about what it was like to come back home. In his poem, “Lines ...view middle of the document...

If imagination can have that effect when he is hundreds of miles away, how happy must he be to actually be there in person again? Being in nature makes him happy. He is having happy memories. He is just a really happy guy.
Finally, in his poem, Wordsworth writes about the future. Toward the end of the poem, we learn that his sister is there with him. Wordsworth wants to teach his sister how to be happy. He does this by telling her about his past and present, and hoping that in the future, she will feel the same way, and will find happiness in nature. He tells his sister, “Nor wilt thou forget, that after many wanderings, many years of absence, these steep woods and lofty cliffs, and this green pastoral landscape, were to me more dear, both for themselves and for thy sake!” He hopes that this poem will teach his little sister to be like him in the future, because being happy is better than being sad.
William Wordsworth writes about life in his poem, “Lines Written A few Miles Above Tintern Abbey.” He discusses the past, and how he can’t remember it clearly. He talks about how happy he is...

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