Theseus Why Is Theseus A Good Hero And What Steps Did He Use To Achive That Status?

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The story of Theseus starts off a Theseus wanting to be a hero. Theseus wants to be as great as he cousin, Hercules, a man of great strenght and bravery. Theseus decides that he would set off on a journey and complete some great feats and tasks so that he may gain the rank and or title of being a hero. There are eight steps in most stories to becoming a hero and Theseus completes all eight.In the begining of Theseus' story, Theseus sets off on a journey to a distant land where he hopes to become a hero. His parents told him to take a boat because the roads where dangerous for travel, but Theseus did not pay attention to their warnings for he thought he would be the one resolve the problem of three bandits whom where killing and mugging travelers. Therefore he set off, Theseus wandered the roads all the way to the city of Athens. On the way there he killed off each bandit in the manner in which the bandit killed the travelers. To one of them, he kicked off a cliff. To another, he tied his hands to a flexable tree and let it loose. This ripped the bandits arms off. Finally to the last one Theseus placed the bandit onto a steel table and stretched him into he died. When Theseus reached Athens they grated him and threw a banquet in his name thus completing the first two steps to becoming a hero.As Theseus stayed in Athens it appeared that the Athenians where distrubed because it was the year in which they would have to send 7 youths and 7 maidens to be sacrificed in King Minos' maze where the Minotaur stayed. Theseus came up with another brillant idea, Theseus proclaimed that he himself should be sent to the Maze, and that he himself would slay the Minotaur. The people of Athens did not know what to say, but Theseus went off and with alittle help of Ariadne, King Mino's daughter, he went off to the Maze. Ariadne told Theseus to attach a string to the door of the maze and make your way through it, if you are to get lost, just retrace your steps with the ball of string. And so Theseus did, Theseus did as Ariadne said and he killed the Minotaur with his bear hands making it out of the maze. Theseus took Aridane with him to Athens and the Athenian's make him king, but a mistake was made on the...

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