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Thesis Analysis Of Soccer

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Soccer has a way of stimulating group integration; it supports internalization of identification. In Foer’s and Winner’s points of view we can see how soccer give us images for self as well as world recognition. The two thesis and analysis differs in many ways but at the same time agree on the loss of National pride. The disinterest in the American exceptionalism or in national pride are seen as consequences of soccer. Though the two different thesis gives us two different prospective of soccer, this aspects and be analyze and observer in cutltural setting around the glove.

Foer’s thesis analyses the idea that sports gives cultural and personal identification. Sports forms group ...view middle of the document...

It creates a sense of devotion; a devotion to something healthy that would guide them in the right path and away from temptations that could damage their life. This events are created to bring communities closer, as well as families. In where children and parents would spend quality time together while they are engaging in a sport.

Foer’s approach to soccer and Winner’s approach to Dutch soccer differs from one to another in the way they’re seen. One sees it as a way of religion and identification and the other not as a form but taking the style of play as the importance. In one we look for values, and integration and acceptance to globalization and in the other one, we look for new style, beautiful plays, and self and world recognition.

Foer’s approaches soccer’s teams as the idea of disinterest in American exceptionalism. In his book, Foer’s views soccer as a temple on how people are dealing with globalization. Soccer is becoming an international sport; as countries come to approach globalization, nations find unity within another by using soccer as a common trait between them. Interest in soccer can be correlated with globalization and resistance to nationalism and unified a global culture. In other words soccer manifest a disinterest in American exceptionalism.

Winner’s approach to Dutch soccer focus mostly in the way that it’s play on the form. Winner highlights the modestly of Dutch soccer players. They aren’t killers in front of the goal, nor glory seekers; they are simply looking for a beautiful goal. A beautiful win that has to be done the “right” way. He also call them “prima donnas” who just look for the center of attention. Playing for money rather than for their country. There is no national pride as in Foer’s thesis.

Dutch soccer is about more than just soccer. Dutch soccer is drawn from the history, the local environment,...

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