Thesis: With The Variety Of Family Situations Arising In Todays Society, The Typical Well Rounded Nuclear Family Should No Longer Be Considered The Ideal Family Concept.

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The Family ImageThe family image can be, and is, interpreted differently by a variety of people, including those within the family group itself. One such image is that of the nuclear family. The nuclear family is usually imagined as a two-parent household with two-point one children, a dog, and a white picket fence surrounding the perfect home. However, in recent history, different situations have arisen and the concept of a nuclear family has diminished from the thoughts of modern families as more opportunities have opened up to allow a variety of alternative life-styles. With the variety of family situations arising in today's society, the typical well-rounded nuclear family should no longer be considered the ideal family concept. Families may now consist of only one parent or two mothers and two fathers. These images, in and of themselves, no longer make up the conservative views of the nuclear family, and there are many more family styles arising as our culture and civilization grows and explores new possibilities.Although the thought of being a nuclear family appeals to some, and thus they strive to achieve the status of a nuclear family, there is never a guarantee that they will ever be the ideal nuclear family. Even if they reach their goal of being a nuclear family, one cannot be assured that it will last. Many marriages dissolve, but the parents will stay together for the sake of the children involved. This is a very unhealthy atmosphere for everyone concerned, and can only lead to unhappiness, wrongful blame, trust issues and resentment between those in the family group. When the family was first started, they probably could have been considered a nuclear family but eventually, due to a variety of reasons, the family group did not last. They may have drifted apart, individual goals may have changed, or one of them may have realized the world was different outside their family entity and no longer felt like they belonged within those family walls. A family may start out with the best of intentions, but with the stress of everyday life and the responsibilities that come along with having a family, not everyone is able to hold onto the facade of being "one-big-happy-family." Therefore, forcing the image of the nuclear family causes undue stress and can cause the ultimate breakup of a family who does not fall within these strict guidelines. There are those that feel restoring the traditional family will miraculously solve all of societies problems. Arlene Skolnick states, "Restore family values and the two-parent family, and America's social problems will be substantially solved." This would be short of a miracle, almost to the point of asking for world peace. Skolnick goes on to say, "Most of us would not want to reverse all the trends that have helped to transform family life - declining mortality rates, rising educational levels for both men and women, reliable contraception, and greater opportunities for women." We must realize that...

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1190 words - 5 pages by thе childrеn of brokеn familiеs may affеct sеvеral gеnеrations in futurе.ConclusionIn conclusion, thе brеak down of traditional nuclеar family is nothing to cеlеbratе rathеr it should bе sееn as a rеgrеt on part of modеrn day sociеty. It is major causе of rising ratе of poor еconomic

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