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Thesis On Murder Essay

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The media represented the murder of Mathew Shepard as the perfect example of a hate-crime. However, JoAnn Wypijewski, in her article titled “The Boys Life” (Wypijewski 1), takes a deeper look at the case of Mathew Shepard and comes up with a more accurate thesis on why violence occurs in most situations. At the end of her essay, she writes, “It's said that hate-crime laws symbolize a society's values. If that is true, it means gay people are recognized only in suffering, and straight people are left off the hook. It means Shepard may stand for every homosexual, but McKinney and Henderson stand just for themselves. It means nothing for life and everything for death” (Wypijewski 13). She argues that this quote is completely false and is the media version of what happened to Mathew Shepard. In reality, she explains her thesis on violence through this false quote, she expects the reader to come up with the correct version of this quote. The version believed to be correct by Wypijewski is that straight people and gay people, everyone is equally connected to this case and anyone could have been in the spot of Shepard or the killers. In reality, Shepard not only stands for every homosexual, but for everyone, and McKinney and Henderson do not stand just for themselves, but they also stand for everyone. The Media’s view shows people get nothing for life, but everything for death, no one would know who Mathew Shepard was if he was alive today. The correct interpretation of Wypijewski’s quote leads into her thesis on violence. Her thesis on violence is that both the perpetrator and victim are common individuals; violence is used to assert one’s manliness, and violence escalates from the original intention by men with self-esteem issues.
Another college murder took place at U.V.A almost 12 years after the murder of Mathew Shepard. Completely different circumstances and individuals surrounded this murder. This murder was of Yeardley Love: college Lacrosse star, killed by her ex-boyfriend George Hugely, another Lacrosse Star in May 2010 (Timanus 2). The name dubbed for the murder was this U.V.A Lacrosse murder that shook an elite level school. The known details are that the two student-athletes were in a long on and off abusive relationship, with many accounts of violence occurring between the two. George Hugely had been arrested for public drunkenness and resisting arrest a few years back, there were also accounts of aggressive behaviors, and in one instance, he jumped out of a boat when he got into an argument with his father (CNN). Love’s roommate discovered her body face down on a pillow, in a pool of her own blood. She quickly called the police, for what she believed was an alcohol overdose (HLN). Authorities figured that this was more than an alcohol overdose with the many bruises on Love’s body; Hugely was placed into police custody and later placed under arrest (HNL). Authorities say that George Hugely broke into Love’s off-campus apartment, where they...

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