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They Beamed Me Up! By Max Weber (Creative Essay)

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My name is Max Weber and I was born in Germany on April 21, 1864. I have come to understand that by some weird twist of fate that it is now the year 2005. You see, I never died, but instead, happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. While out for a walk one sunny afternoon to contemplate some new ideas and to calm my nerves I happened upon little green men in the local park. Always seeking to get to the truth of a matter, I just had to ask these 'men' why they were attired in such frightening costumes and if indeed there was a masquerade party that I was unaware of. Apparently I was wrong on all counts for these costumed characters were not men at all! For they quickly grabbed a hold of me and rushed me aboard their spacecraft that had been hiding in the distance. All very frightening at the time but, and this is a little fuzzy, I apparently had a good time aboard their flying saucer. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and much to my dismay was (I thought), promptly returned to earth.As you can well see this was not the case and I now find myself in the waiting room of a local mental institution. They say I am quite stark raving mad, you know, crazy! Preposterous! But since I find myself with some free time (and oddly, a very comprehensive understanding of the English language), I have decided to catch up on the times by reading the periodicals on display in this office. Imagine my further surprise to find a college textbook solely on sociology, probably left behind by some poor student. They'll be sorely disappointed when they discover that missing from their backpack for sure. Anyways, sociology, fascinating stuff. Wrote some theory in my day you know.Well I say! A whole chapter devoted to my work! The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is wonderful stuff. In it I explain how I believe capitalism originated from the Protestant work ethic. That is only the tip of the iceberg of course. I came up with many sociological ideas even though I was not originally a sociologist. Mostly I was a workaholic, (That alien vacation was wonderful!!) And a lawyer first, but my passion was history, which is why I use past events so often to explain my ideas. I love Ritzer's branding me a " historical sociologist" because it is just so true (109). I also believed that sociology should work from the inside (the individual) to the outside (society). This makes me a 'reductionist' as well as a historical sociologist.I think mostly I like to discuss capitalism. That is what the Protestant work ethic was all about, right? Besides, this Ritzer text is criticizing some of my works! There is nothing wrong with my concept of verstehen, yet Ritzer says, "... it is one of his best known, most controversial, contribution..." to sociology today (113). What is so controversial? I do not understand. I use it as a type of scientific method rather then using intuition which some of my colleagues relied to heavily upon. I wanted to look at society...

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