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They Call Him Mr. Gacy Essay

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There are numerous portraits, perspectives, and analyses of the life and deeds of American serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who is thought to have sexually assaulted and murdered 32 boys between 1976 and his arrest in December 1978 (Cahill, 1978; Gacy, 1989). This profile of Gacy compiles a birth-to-death chronology of events and activities that may lend insight to the personality of a habitual liar, model citizen, and serial murderer.

Born to Marion Elaine Robinson Gacy and John Hanely Gacy on St. Patrick's Day in 1942, John Wayne Gacy was the second of three children. The alcoholic Gacy, Sr. was both physically and verbally abusive towards the entire family. His special interest in John, Jr. was the litany that he was 'dumb and stupid' and an embarrassment to the family. However John Jr. loved his father and strived to please him.

John suffered poor health during much of his childhood. After attending four years in high school John Jr. dropped out leaving home for Las Vegas. He worked odd jobs to include a maintenance position at a funeral parlor. There were few decent jobs available in Las Vegas for John Jr., so he saved up enough money to move back to Chicago.

Returning to Chicago in the early 1960's he graduated with a degree from a business college. His first job was as a sales person at Nunn-Bush Shoe Company. Quickly moving up in the company, he was soon transferred to a men?s clothing outlet in Springfield, Illinois and promoted to a management position. John Jr.?s took an active interest in the community and became a respected member of several community organizations: the Chi Rho Club as chairman, the Catholic Interclub Council as a member of the board, the Federal Civil Defense for Illinois, Chicago Civil Defense, as commanding Captain; the Holy Name Society as an officer, the Jaycees as vice president and ?Man of the Year.?

In September of 1964 he married his co-worker Marilynn Myers whose father owned a franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Shortly after his wedding John?s father-in-law offered him a job. John and his new wife then moved to Iowa. John was a tireless worker, but maintained an active community involvement through the Jaycees.

During this period, John and his wife invited employees to their home for drinks and television. Hidden in the game room were homosexual videos, alcohol, and marijuana. One particular visit to their home, John approached employee Westphal to solicit a blowjob. Although Westphal declined the offer, John would joke with him that if he ever caught Westphal with his wife, he would owe John that blowjob. During a subsequent visit, Westphal became inebriated at John?s house and stayed the night in the guest room. After Westphal began to doze off, Marilynn entered the room and joined Westphal in bed. John then entered the room to remind Westphal of his obligation. Fearing the loss of his job, Westphal fulfilled John?s desires. After this incident rumors of John?s...

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