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They Call Me The Fireman Essay

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To be exact, the definition of a fireman is a man who fights fires, usually a public employee or trained volunteer. However, there is much more that defines a fireman. A fireman is strong, courageous, unselfish, adaptable, caring, and trustworthy.
A fireman is mentally strong. There are times when a fireman must make a split second decision, which may save a life or could possible place someone’s life in further danger. While making these decisions, there are many thoughts going through a fireman’s head. For example, is it safe to go inside this burning building? Should I give this medication? While searching a burning building, Should I go right or left? What is the best way to ventilate the smoke from this building? Each of these questions requires mental strength. Also, mental strength is required when tragedy occurs. The fireman must be able to overcome the stress of the tragedy to continue his job.
Not only is a fireman strong mentally, but also physically. Being physically fit is just part of a fireman’s job. For example, cardiac stamina is vital for the fireman since the number one cause of death in firemen on duty is heart attack. The heart undergoes extreme stress when a fireman exerts himself in a burning building. If the fireman’s heart is not conditioned, he is at higher risk for heart attack. Also, rescuing a person from a burning building necessitates a large amount of strength. Often, an individual that has been trapped in a burning building is weak or unconscious from smoke inhalation and must be carried to safety. A fireman must also maintain strength in order to handle heavy equipment such as ladders, car extrication devices, and water hoses. A fireman is strong.
Every fireman is courageous. Courage is required to approach a horrifying car accident on a busy road or a blazing fire. Sometimes, a fireman must be courageous in a hostile situation. For example, a mentally ill individual may set his or her own house on fire and is not excited, but rather hostile when the fire service arrives. Firemen face a variety of situations and remain courageous in each circumstance.
A fireman is unselfish. Risking his life for someone he does not even know and will probably never see again exhibits unselfishness. However, a fireman does calculate the risk before placing himself in danger. He will risk a lot to save a lot and risk little to save little. This simply means if a...

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