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They Get Drunk On Saturday Nights: An In Depth Look At Trash Men By Charles Bukowski

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The Poem “the trash men” was written in 1920 by Charles Bukowski. Born in Germany, Bukowski moved to America and became a poet. His literature was greatly influenced by his Los Angels, California upbringing. The Poem “the trash men” is about a bystander who is witnessing trash men performing their daily routine gathering trash. Bukowski begins and ends this poem with no capitalization at the beginning of each line in the poem as if each is apart of his stream of consciousness. The first line begins with, “here they come” as if he is thinking to himself a random thought during sometime in the day. He spectates and gets deeper in to thought, but as he leaves or the trash men finish their work in the neighborhood, the onlooker says, “none of them know I am alive”. These last lines are very important because they sum up the poem. They show that time passes us by when we are engaged in our daily routines. The onlooker takes a moment out of his day to stop and admire things that go on that sometimes go unnoticed because people are sometimes to caught up in the flow of life. The poet’s stream of consciousness is represented in this poem by the way it is constructed and makes each line seem more like inside thoughts, which helps depict what is actually happening in the poem.
The first twelve lines of the poem is a description of what the person is appreciating about the trash men. He says, “ these guys, gray truck, radio playing”. Bukowski then skips a line and says, “they are in a hurry”. He explains their routine of collecting bins with their belly’s showing, and the loudness of the garbage truck when it grinds the trash. He then acknowledges he does not like the sound by stating, “and the truck grinds it upwards, with far to much sound…” That last line is one of two lines with some sort of punctuation in it. The poet uses an ellipses, which indicates an unfinished thought. This was a good use of an ellipse because it tells the reader that was the end of the description portion of his thinking. He then starts to elaborate on...

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