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They Hide Under Your Bed And In Your Head

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They Hide Under Your Bed and in your head
Monsters. They're the things from the stories that follow you home; they're hidden in your closet, under your bed, and they invade your head. They are scary and hideous, and evil; they haunt your waking hours, prevent you from sleeping, but most importantly, they reflect upon ourselves and our civilization.
We have all read many books containing monsters, having been introduced to them from a very young age. Although the primary focus of those books were to teach us about fear and overcoming it, most of us just took in how scary and evil the monsters were, and from then on greatly feared them. As the years went on, we were taught not to be scared of monsters, but to fall in love with them. We have been so white washed by books like Twilight and Warm Bodies that we no longer focus on the threat of monsters, only how pretty they are. Nowadays to a "tweenage" girl, a typical “monster” is Edward Cullen, who, despite the fact that he is a vampire isn’t even a real monster. If you compare him to the original Dracula, you can see just how much our conception of monsters has changed in 82 years. It goes from sucking the life out of villagers to sparkles and love. To a substantial amount of today's society, monsters are nice creatures that messed up teenage girls/boys fall in love with. Twilight is a good piece of literature, but this is quite annoying. Some of the “truer” horror stories would be from R.L. Stine; his books are extremely scary mention many monsters. Of course, scary monsters are still a real fear, and are very much alive in civilization, but they aren’t given as much attention, and sometimes they are even overlooked Some other monsters from great literary works or films that really bring out the definition of monsters are Mr. Hyde, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, The Hulk, the Boogeyman, The Headless Horseman, and so on.
Humans are capable of bringing terrors no monster could to this world, and this piece of conversation between Loki and Natasha in The Avengers displays this perfectly. "You lie and kill... You pretend to be...

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