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They Just Don't Understand Essay

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They Just Don't Understand

As the weekend drew in I knew that it’s going to be another battle between my mom and me. About whether or not it is acceptable for me to stay out till the club closes, or if I should just stay home and live like a hermit and study. I respect my mom very much, and in no way do I want to give her a hard time, but come on If your 18,19 years old don’t you feel that you deserve at least a little bit of freedom.
People always tell me that “she is worried about you because you are her only son” and things like that, which I already understand. I know that every ones parents feel like that about them. I think that what adds to the fire is the fact that she was raised totally different than me, in a totally different country with totally different customs. This I feel has a great effect on the way she treats me here in America people go out to clubs, people party and have fun on the weekends, where my mom grew up it was totally different.

My mom was raised on a small farm in Rorzniaty Poland; it is a really tiny town, not even two miles in total going north, south, east, and west. Her parents were pretty religious folks and she was a total study addict. All she would do is help out in the field come back home bathe, eat and study. There were really no clubs or anything she can go to, and only from time to time did the school have a dance. Basically her child hood consisted of studying. After high school she went on to the University of Krakow where she studied education. Only then did she start to live a little, but even then she and her friends would always be in their dorms by 11pm. Her child hood was different than mine in many ways.

I lived in Warsaw Poland till I was six years old, after that I came to America to join my mom who came 3 years before me. I grew up in Hamtramck, a city surrounded by Detroit. Some of the first words I ever learned were swear words so that gives you an idea of what kind of city it was. Instead of studying all day I would go out side, play basketball and throw plastic bottle caps at cars as they drove by. I was always for hanging out with my friends and going out.

When I turned 18 that’s when I felt freedom. I got to go out to the club for the first time (and got in on my own ID) and I did not have to “bend the truth” to say that I was going to sleep over my friends house. I got a taste of the night life and I thought that this could be a weekend event every weekend, go out have some fun and come home when we felt like going home, but to my (for some reason) not surprise that was not the case. The second weekend was different, I was not free, I was living in my mom’s...

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