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They Made Us Many Promises Essay

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BIOS 100 Fall 2013 Biology of Cells & Organisms MWF 11 AM Rm 250 BSB CRN # 13580Instructors:Robert Paul Malchow, Ph.D. 413-3614 4083 SELMike Muller 996-3476 3092 SELTAs:Deanna Arsala Ji-In Choi jchoi26@uic.eduLorna Cohen Lillian Perez perez36@uic.eduShelagh Rodriguez smeyer9@uic.eduOffice Hours:Dr. Malchow Wednesday 9:30-10 am outside my lab, 4083 SELWednesday 1-2 pm in the UIC Commuter Center, SCE 245& by appointment via emailMike Muller: Wednesday 10-12 am 3092 SELCourse Description: Bios 100 and its companion course Bios 101 serve as introductions to critical ideas and issues in contemporary biology and are designed to provide the student with the intellectual foundation to handle these topics at more advanced and detailed levels in upper division courses.Lectures in Bios 100 survey fundamental concepts related to the chemical basis of life, biological chemistry, the structure and function of cells and organisms, DNA and RNA, molecular genetics, cellular replication, organismal development and function, energy transformation, respiration and photosynthesis.Laboratory assignments are designed to provide an introductory hands-on experience to deepen students' understanding about the nature of biological inquiry. Topics include basic microscopy and quantitative analysis, examination of cell structure, characteristics of enzyme function, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, mitosis, meiosis, and DNA, and structural and functional characteristics of plants and animals. Animals will be used in the laboratory.The discussion section is designed to connect the lecture and lab topics to current issues and research in the Biological Sciences that either have affected or are likely to affect students' lives. Among the topics expected to be discussed are cloning, personal genomics, GM organisms, antibiotic resistance, the Green Revolution, and the nature of scientific knowledge.There is a significant amount of biochemistry and chemistry-related material in this course. Students are strongly advised to take a chemistry course prior to taking Bios 100.This course is designed for those planning to pursue Biology-related topics in depth in the future. Bios 100 is not a course recommended for those who have little or no background in the sciences.Textbooks & Other Materials:Required:- Text: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE, 5th Ed, by Scott Freeman; Pearson Press, 2013 and access to the website associated with the 5th edition of "Mastering Biology". (NOTE: you DO NOT NEED to purchase the virtual labs)- BIO100 lab manual by Michael Muller (lab manual, sold only at UIC bookstore)iClicker, available at the UIC Bookstore. Register your iClicker through the course Blackboard web site (more below).We have worked with Pearson Press to develop a specific version of the materials needed for Bios 100, with the aim of providing all the information needed while Saving Students Money. The UIC book store carries...

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They Made Us Many Promises Essay

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