They Made Us Many Promises Essay

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Shelly Cashman Word 2013| Chapter 1: SAM Project 1bShelly Cashman Word 2013Chapter 1: SAM Project 1bCampus Bicycle Resource and Repair Centercompleting a flyer with a pictureProject GoalM Project NameProject GoalPROJECT DESCRIPTIONAs part of your job in the university Outreach Office, you help school groups promote their events and activities. A representative of the bicycle repair center on campus has created a flyer advertising its services, and has asked for your help in completing the document. You will add a picture and formatting to create an eye-catching flyer.GETTING STARTEDDownload the following file from the SAM website:SC_Word2013_C1_P1b_FirstLastName_1.docxOpen the file you just downloaded and save it with the name:SC_Word2013_C1_P1b_FirstLastName_2.docxHint: If you do not see the .docx file extension in the Save file dialog box, do not type it. Word will add the file extension for you automatically.To complete this Project, you will also need to download and save the following support file from the SAM website:support_SC_W13_C1_P1b_bicycle.jpgWith the file SC_Word2013_C1_P1b_FirstLastName_2.docx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in the footer. If the footer not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.PROJECT STEPSChange the theme colors of the document to Yellow (10th option in the Theme Colors palette).Resize the picture of the bicycle at the beginning of the document so that it is 2.5" tall.Apply the Simple Frame, Black picture style to the picture, and then apply the Orange, 8 pt. glow, Accent color 3 Glow picture effect.Change the Paragraph Spacing Before the headline paragraph "Campus Bicycle Resource and Repair Center" to 18 pt.Change the case of the headline paragraph to UPPERCASE, change the font size to 18 pt., and then center the paragraph.Bold the words "tune up your bicycle" in the paragraph that begins "Do you want…".In the same paragraph, delete the sentence...

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Germany and its support for Hitler

687 words - 3 pages people want to support Hitler because he also gave them many promises. They believed all his promises could make the problems in Germany end. However, when they had already supported him, they realized that all the things he had done, did not make the problems in Germany better, but even worse than before. Many people killed each other, which comprises of anti Jews and Jewish people. Hitler made them hate Jews, which is only a few people in the German

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779 words - 3 pages they may not be equipped to handle.This article observes how the theory of promissory estoppel developed in the U.K. U.S. and Australia. Moreover the interaction of promissory estoppel and civilian theory offers us the chance to watch comparative law in action. The common law and civil law, which usually operate in entirely different countries, are forced together in this instance. This article discusses not only the profound theoretical effects

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681 words - 3 pages using "soft money" during their legislation. This problem needs to be addressed by either making "soft money" contributions illegal, or by saying that candidates cannot use "soft money" to help pay for ads, and telephone calls in their campaign. Another problem with political campaigns is about campaign promises made by candidates. Candidates that make campaign promises need to keep them, it is all to familiar in America that candidates make

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1518 words - 6 pages plan. At this point, some persuasive techniques are all that would be needed in order to execute his plan.Jim Jones made promises to his followers that were appealing to them. This is what led them to follow Jones and live in an area of isolation where he would eventually control their actions. He had many plan for his new community in the Guyanese jungle. Jones promises of what Jonestown would be were attractive. Witness Laura Kohl explains


2356 words - 10 pages numerous descendants, and he would become the father of many nations. He was also promised the land of Canaan. These promises were fulfilled in God’s blessing Abraham with great material possessions. “Second, God made national promises concerning Israel. God promised to make a great nation of Abraham’s physical descendants (Genesis 12:2), to give the land of Canaan from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates to Abraham’s physical descendants


603 words - 2 pages Hussain SafdarMr.MarinovicCHC2D1April 15, 2013Was Appeasement a Mistake?Appeasement, the policy that lead to WWII while misleading countries into thinking that they are safe from war. Appeasement consists of giving into demands, without the risk of war. The policy of Appeasement did not prevent war, it only made things worse by letting dictators like Hitler gain more power, while allowing him to break promises and build his army. If France and

Parfit, the Reductionist View, and Moral Commitment

3462 words - 14 pages is hopeless. Thus, it seems to me that if we are to give promises any real weight we have to take persons as the basic unit over which they range. Second, I would maintain that common moral deliberation presupposes that promises and other commitments cannot be degenerate in the way that Parfit’s View entails that they are. That is, if commitments are to practically have any hold over us we cannot suppose that they change their degree of

Public Invlovment

1057 words - 5 pages the moment we as Americans are not satisfied with a new policy. Image is everything now, the way a politician reacts and move is everything and what they put on social media is everything now while the leaders still make powerful laws that effects us on a daily basis. From the economy, jobs and education reform, we as citizens should get more involved because many of us believe we cannot make a difference; however, many come together on an issue

Ethical Egoism

3663 words - 15 pages fail to keep our promises to avoid delaying or harming our endeavors. Of course, there are times when we make promises that are easily kept; however, the most useful promises made are often ones that are difficult to deliver on. To further explain this idea, I will share an example in which this principle would apply. Because it helps us connect and better understand these principles, I will use another personal example to explain this idea

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1452 words - 6 pages themselves. God also participated in these agreements and made promises with specific people and tribes throughout the Old and New Testament. In the bible the word covenant means ‘to cut’ (Monk), which is why when two people made a covenant they would walk through the cut bodies of slain animals (New International Version, ( Jer 34;14). Although, it was customary for both parties to benefit from such an agreement, it was not always customary for

The Textile Industry

835 words - 4 pages though. That leads us to another problem: riots. The people started becoming worried and worked up because of the fact that some of the machines in the factories and so on where eliminating the need for their assistance in the jobs they once had. The textile industry didn’t just contribute to the progress and problems, it also produced some promises. For example, with these textile factories it was expected that there would be faster, more mass

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They Made Us Many Promises Essay

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