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They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky

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Characters – How is the main character developed.

There are three main characters in my story, their names being; Alephonsion Deng, Benson Deng, and Benjamin Ajak. These three boys, young as they were, are driven away from their own home with violence. This caused a significant change in how they viewed the world.“I couldn't understand why people were killing us. Did Alchol deserve to die? What wrong had we done to these people? Oh, Ma, why the killing?” The three boys also act so different compared to how we do, when around their own home they are expected to never cry, even this is put to the limits during some everyday tasks. One thing that is way different from the way we live is that, to be seen as a man, you must have your teeth pulled out… with a fish spear! “My gum felt like it was being torn apart by a sharp razor blade. My mouth filled with blood. Then the fish spear penetrated my teeth, splitting one in two and leaving half of it in the gum.” Also, they speak in quite a foreign way, they talk as if they fear that the other speaker will punish them if they are to mess up. This is what the characters are like in my book, hardened to the core like true people of this time, they were brave and willing to do whatever it takes to keep safe. Throughout the journey, the characters just get harder and harder, tougher and tougher. They will have more hard life experiences during the time period that this book covers than most people in America have in their entire life.

Ideas - Analyze how the main idea is developed.

The main idea of my story is fairly simple to understand. “Life is not fair” To understand this, you must know it is set at the time of Sudan’s civil war, where killing was a usual occurrence just about every single day. My story is about three young boys, driven out of their own home by force and violence. They are so young at this time, that the bombs falling from the sky and exploding were perceived as: “They are pouring fire on us from the sky,” and they think of bullets as “flying fire embers,” Throughout the story you begin to realize, and see examples everywhere, of how very innocent they village of Juol and it’s inhabitants really are, which then of course leads you to the conclusion of “how unfair for them to life like this!” This is a quote from my story, giving yet another example of how the civil war affects them “Everything lit up for a moment and then went dark again. The sound thundered through my ears. The ground shook beneath my feet and it felt like I was floating on it. Then another flash like lightning and that ground-shaking, deafening noise again” As you can probably tell, this is where the village is being bombed.
There are many more examples of un-equality as you near the end of the book. The three main characters spend the whole book trying to get to a “Refugee Camp” for survivors and those who are scared and need the safety it promises. Once there it becomes apparent that it is no safer or nicer in...


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