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Japanese bombed and devastated Pearl Harbor, it was a tragic incident, afterward US government sent all the Japanese American to internment camps, this is the story that people remember. But when I listened to the song “kenji” that was written by Mike Shinoda who is a singer of famous rock band linkin park, I realized how these innocent Japanese people lived and what their story was, in those camps. After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Japanese people were relocated to internment camps despite they are American citizen or not, on December 7.1941. More than 60% of Japanese people were US citizens, but they still had to give up their homes, lands and business. Some of them were innocent laborers. They did not do anything but they lost everything in a second. This song renders how these innocent people loose and suffer their life because of leader’s brutal decisions.
they only had two days to pack his whole life in to two small bags. they cannot even put enough cloths in to it. they just lost what he earned according to DISCovering Multicultural America, 2003 “The Japanese-American internees were only allowed to bring with them what they could carry”. They were forced to sell or give away most of their possessions, including houses, furniture, cars, and pets. They were given little time to accomplish it. In Early 1900, People from japan began migrating to the U.S because of The Meiji Restoration: events that restored imperial rule to Japan in 1868 under Emperor Meiji Ishin. Within two decades, Japanese people were very stable and able to contribute to the US economy in many ways, such as agriculture and constructions. Therefor these people had a perfect life in America. Suddenly, this unfortunate situation (bombing Pearl Harbor) occurred. Those valuable lives became prisoners. Even the American government knew a mass evacuation of the Japanese American would have resulted severe disruptions of both the logical economy and defense operations for the islands because according to Multicultural America, 2003, Japanese Americans represented the majority of carpenters, transportation workers, and laborers. They were essential and, indeed, indispensable to the rebuilding of defenses at Pearl Harbor. I cannot even imagine how can someone abandon his or her precious house, lands, farms and business, because of someone's fault, the truth is that is what happened to those people
how strict it was in those camps. There were ten such camps: Amache in Colorado, Topaz in Utah, Heart Mountain in Wyoming, Poston and Gila River in Arizona were some of them. They were surrounded by dust, sand, and barbed wire fences with armed guard towers. The internees had no idea as to what was to become of them. All families lived together in a single room, and others had to share their rooms with people who they had never seen. Camps were filled with wooden house and they had only one electric light. They had to stay in the line for meals. Children did not receive...

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