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You’re having one of those days. You know what kind of day I mean. The one that seems like nothing can go right for you. You’ve fallen into a rut, and as you try to climb out, you just seem to keep falling further and further back in. And when you’re at the deepest and worst part of the rut, you just need to reach out and hear from somebody. You talk to the people that are nearest to you to get the support you need. Who is the person that you need to talk to? Is it a dear friend, a sibling, a parent? Why do you choose one over the other? Perhaps they are chosen simply because family is forever, or maybe that a caring friend can give more comfort than those you live with. What truly makes ...view middle of the document...

”[1] This is how many people would define family in our culture; you have a wife, husband, and kids. They aren’t wrong with their definition, because in many ways that is how a family starts, but this definition is far from being fully correct. Many people say that ‘blood is thicker than water,’ in that those who share the same blood are of greater importance than those you meet throughout your life. In many ways this can be true, between parents and children, or lifelong siblings, but for many people this ideal does not hold up. Simply because of your inborn connection to others, does not warrant the need to have a lifelong relationship to them. This doesn’t mean that immediate family does not matter, but to some it causes more pain than good for them. For others, such as orphans, they aren’t even born with a family, some are adopted into one, but this does not follow the idea that a family is of blood relation. Some would say that even if you are born without a family, you can always marry somebody and create your own. While that may be true, it would mean that you would have to go through the first part of your life without anybody to call a family, while some people never get married anyways. To put it quite simply, the way that society views a family is too narrow and basic, and the definition must be changed.
Why should one person be born into the most caring and loving family, while someone else is stuck with a hateful, and cruel family? There’s a phrase that goes, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.” This may be true, you can find and make new friends, and you cannot choose your biological family, but why can’t your friends be called family? And why can’t a brother or sister just be considered a friend? Family are people who will be there when you are in your most desperate situations, or when you just simply want to chat. They are the people that you share your happiest and most memorable moments with, and the ones that hurt the most when you see them leave. Anybody can be...

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