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Thin Beautiful Or Lethal Essay

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Melissa Cohen In American Society today, thin equals beautiful. American women are judged by the way they look. It can define who they are as people. {Who they are or how they see themselves?] To get ahead in this world you have to look the "right" way. [Why? Too cliché.] The standard of what women should look like is very clearly put to them. It is posted on billboards, in the magazines they read, where they shop, and especially on television. The media plays the most significant role in projecting these unhealthy ideals about weight. [We switched dramatically from general notions of women to weight] Image standards affect women of all ages, races, and statures; their presence is ...view middle of the document...

These Calista Flockhart- and Arnold Schwarzenegger-like clones are not representatives of normal, everyday people, so they should not be considered images of beauty. However, many young adults look up to these fake role models and imitate their appearance.MEDIA AND WOMEN A woman's body has been a topic of conversation for centuries. The ideal pear shape icon would be Marilyn Monroe. The media today projects women in a different light. Females in show business (television, film) are under pressure to be thin in order to keep their jobs. Such stars such as Calista Flockhart, who plays Ally McBeal on FOX, is a star who is extremely thin and is on the verge of being skeleton thin. Does the pressure of "Hollywood" cause these women to stop eating? The most popular television show right now is "Friends." Each of the three female leads has gotten thinner over the years and their appearance is very noticeable. Flip through the channels and as each television program comes on the female lead very thin. Is this a requirement to work in Hollywood? Of course they are some exceptions, but look at the females as a whole and the numbers are astonishing. Models on covers of magazines are extremely thin and yes they look beautiful, but the pictures are air brushed to hide their flaws.Visual Arguments Defining BeautyDefining "Beauty," As Seen on TV The television turns on. Two lanky models sashay their way down the 2 foot wide runway wearing nothing but lingere from Victoria's Secret's newest line. Change the channel. Britney Spears Live from Las Vegas. Britney struts around stage in extreme low rise jeans and a halter-top dancing to "I'm a slave for you..." Millions of viewers watch these types of shows daily. We are force fed this definition of ideal beauty that says that you have to be tall, thin, and tan to be considered beautiful in our culture. Many...

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