A Brief Biography Of David Farragut

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Perhaps the most noticeable part of David Farragut's life is his career in the a Civil War as a courageous navy officer. Not only that, but he played an important role in the Battle of Louisiana, Vicksburg and Mobile Bay. His famous line, "Damn the torpedoes!" is remembered by naval officers as a courageous Farragut struggles to navigate torpedo infested waters at the Battle of Mobile Bay. An officer from a young age, Farragut is what any navy desires: a smart, brave, and loyal commander. Farragut was born on July 5, 1801 to Major Jorge Farragut. Jorge Farragut was a Spanish sailor in the US army during the American Revolution. Farragut was originally named James Glasgow Farragut; he was born in Tennessee. A few years after Farragut was born, his family moved to Louisiana. While his father, Jorge, was fishing, he came across a rowboat that held an unconscious old man. Jorge nursed the old man until he died. Later, a man by the name of David Porter claimed the man as his father. Porter was a rising star of the U.S. Navy. As a display of gratitude for Jorge, Porter offered to take young Farragut out to sea as a sort of navy apprentice,also known as a midshipman. Jorge was grateful and immediately accepted the offer. A young Farragut entered the navy at age 9. To honor his foster father, Farragut later changed his name from James to David.
Early Naval Career
In a few weeks, Farragut headed to Washington while his guardian sailed off. He attended naval academy; a year later, Porter returned and brought the nine year old Farragut to the war ship Essex, which was anchored in Norfolk, Virginia. Farragut served as the youngest midshipman on board. He proved to be brave, loyal, and determined, especially when he was picked on by a mob of unruly gangsters; these traits later shaped the rest of Farragut’s successful career. After being arrested with the gangsters by the police, a proud Porter retrieved him while labeling Farragut as “three pounds of uniform and seventy pounds of fight”. During the War of 1812, the crew of the Essex captured several British ships. Several of these ships were commanded by lesser officers. At age 12, Farragut received the command of his first ship: the whale ship Barclay. He was challenged by the former commander of the ship, but Farragut stood his ground and remained in power. When the Essex was captured by British warships, Farragut proved his worth by entertaining British officers. The crew of the Essex was eventually allowed to return to their home on a disarmed ship. As soon as Farragut returned to the States, he set off again, looking for adventure. He served several times in the War of 1812. On the other hand, Farragut had a terrible temper, but he always attempted to prove himself a gentleman to his superiors. At eighteen, Farragut was appointed acting lieutenant due to his superior skill and ability. Farragut was pleased, as he was one of the youngest officers to achieve this rank. A year later,...

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