Things Fall Apart, Achebe: Significance Of Title, Events Led Up To Okonkwo Falling Apart

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Things Fall ApartWhat does the title means? Things Fall Apart is a tragic novel which is set in the Igbo community of Africa. Chinua Achebe, who is the author of this novel, portrays how an ambitious, well known, and respected African, Okonkwo, life falls apart. He was a man with great intensity and personality. He had accomplished his goal to become rich and famous, an advantage that was unseen before in his family. Okonkwo's life first began to fall apart when Ikemefuna, a prisoner who stayed at Okonkwo's home, was killed. Okonkwo considered Ikemefuna as one of his own sons. He was truly saddened when ...view middle of the document...

Another significant incidence where Okonkwo's life falls apart was when he was thrown out of the clan for seven years. From this event, one can see that Okonkwo's hopes dreams have begun to fall apart. His hopes of being a rich and popular individual had drifted away with this disturbing incident. Okonkwo had no longer had his farm or animals. Also Okonkwo lost faith with most of his friends. This goes to show that Okonkwo lost faith with his friends, like his father lost faith with his. Another episode that showed the downfall in Okonkwo's life was when Nwoye, his oldest and favorite son, converted to the white mans religion, Christianity. To Okonkwo this was very upsetting because Nwoye was his eldest son, and Okonkwo had the greatest expectations for him. When news came to him that Nwoye was among the white men, one could have foreseen that only no good was coming to Okonkwo after that. Taking a quick look at Okonkwo's life, the title Things Fall Apart goes perfectly with the book. Starting from the event with Ikemefuna, you could see that Okonkwo's life was starting to fall apart. Then, later on, when Okonkwo was kicked out of his clan, his chance of being rich and famous were destroyed. After all that, with the event of Nwoye, Okonkwo's life was a complete breakdown. Anyone could see that Okonkwo had not attained his goals, but instead, by the end of his life, he had become a failure like his father.

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963 words - 4 pages "good" nor "thoroughly evil" yet does possess a "tragic flaw" that leads to a series of tragic events. Okonkwo begins in poverty and rises to the height of wealth and prestige among his people. He is so obsessed with control, control at all costs, that he begins to make tragic mistakes: beating his wife during Peace Week, killing Ikemefuna, having to flee Umuofia, killing the messenger and then himself. This fits the criteria of "disregard of divine law and trying to escape his fate," as outlined in the study guide. Works Cited: Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York: Ballantine, 1969.

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1942 words - 8 pages The Character of Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart What makes a successful man? This, in itself, is a culture bound question because it can vary from culture to culture. However, in the perception of Okonkwo, the main character in Chinua Achebe's novel, Things Fall Apart, the measure of a man's success is based on two elements, material acquisition and growth, and physical prowess. This is ironic for Okonkwo since

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1500 words - 6 pages Okonkwo, the main character of Things fall apart, by Chinua Achebe. And Charles Foster Kane of Orson Welles Citizen Kane, both have value systems that are incongruous with their cultures. Thus allowing them to be defeated by society. These are two men with a great need for recognition. Their need for something that was extinguished long ago. Okonkwos struggle to prove his greatness in the face of those who knew his father. Charles Foster Kane's

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1024 words - 4 pages unrecognisable change. Churches are being built, and many people have converted to Christianity, one of these being his so Nwoye. We are told that 'the clan had undergone such a profound change during his exile that it was "barely recognisable".This was when things were really falling apart for Okonkwo. His return to the clan was pretty normal and the way he was greeted was the way he expected his return to be. As

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729 words - 3 pages father. Okonkwo wanted to become one of the greatest men in the Ibo tribe, but three unfortunate events occur bringing him closer to his end. Okonkwo was a proud, industrious figure who through hard work was able to elevate himself to a stature of respect and prominence in his community. The one major character flaw was that he was a man driven by his fear to extreme reactions. Okonkwo was petrified of inadequacy namely because his father was a

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925 words - 4 pages to achieve, he was exiled for seven years. But the evolution and change that that his village goes through during his seven year exile will strip Okonkwo of his power. A natural selection will take place where not the strongest survive, but the ones most able to adapt. "Okonkwo saw clearly the high esteem in which he would be held, and he saw himself taking the highest title in the land" (172; Ch.20). He could not have been more wrong. The

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1597 words - 6 pages In the essay “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, there are five meaningful quotes that revolve around Okonkwo’s status during his life. In the beginning of the novel Okonkwo became an important part of his village early in his life when he defeated Amaline the Cat in a wrestling match. His victory made him a celebrity among the nine villages of Umuofia because Amaline had been undefeated for seven years. At this point, Okonkwo

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2035 words - 8 pages is because of Unoka’s failure that causes Okonkwo to possess a personality very different from him, “he was possessed by the fear of his father’s contemptible life and shameful death”. However, Unoka is not all bad and Okonkwo is not all different from his father. The fear of resemble his father has controlled the way he behaves, but deep inside him, he is gentle and fragile.Bibliographies: Things fall apart - Chinua Achebe

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930 words - 4 pages In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Okonkwo is an example of a tragic hero. Okonkwo accomplishes and succeeds in many noble and brave tasks but also has some flaws that lead to his downfall. The definition of a tragic hero according to is: a great or virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy who is destined for downfall, suffering, or defeat. In the Novel, Thngs Fall Apart Okonkwo is a tragic hero in the fact that

Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe

1812 words - 8 pages listen to the reason behind the decisions made by his community and in turn reacts irrationally and irresponsibly to the situation. Overall, Okonkwo’s fear of failing suppresses his potential to enjoy life, rather than living life just to make others think highly of him. Okonkwo’s inability to subdue his lifelong fear of failure limits him to react irrationally to situations without processing what is happening with reason, and ultimately the mistakes Okonkwo makes throughout his life add up and lead to his conclusive demise, suicide. Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York: Anchor, 1994. Print.

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796 words - 3 pages which was once contempt in their beliefs now being torn apart by a contradicting religion. Once their bond with their religion was broken, the tribal ways were discarded and easily, things fall apart. However, Okonkwo had many other tragic faults which led to his life falling apart. Wanting to be the exact opposite of his father and become one of the prominent leaders in the tribe, Okonkwo was harsh on his family and others who were unsuccessful

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880 words - 4 pages clearly, only shown to those he loved. Okonkwo’s true nature was clearly only reflected around those he closest to him, many times only under intimate or special circumstances. As his true masculinity, his unrealised and under expressed fondness for those he loved, and his overly expressed fiery temper, was shown to the greatest extent only around those closest to him. This deeply developed the character, and heightened the sense of Okonkwo being a tragic hero in Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart.