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Things Fall Apart Explain How Okonkwos Actions Are Motivated By Fear In Things Fall Apart

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In many works of literature, the behavior of a character or a group of characters is motivated by emotion. In Chinua Achebe's Nigerian novel, Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo is motivated by the fear. Throughout Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo's actions take place because he is afraid of becoming "A Woman" like his father. Not only does he act masculine to appear manly to the villagers, he does it to satisfy his own conscious. Okonkwo portrays a short temper in this book. Small things such as his supper being late and remarks about his hunting anger him, and lead to his beating of his wives and his son Nwoya. His desire to appear manly often fogged his judgment. When the time came to kill Ikemefuna, the boy who called him father, he was told by his best friend that he should not take part in this because the boy looked up to him. Okonkwo knew his friend was right. When he, Ikemefuna and other leaders of the tribe went to the woods to carry out the task, Okonkwo did not want the other men to think that he was weak so he cut down his own son. Okonkwo's actions were also motivated by the fear that his whole village would become weak. After returning from his exile in Mbanta, Okonkwo realized that the Christians were taking over. Unlike the rest of his tribe he wanted to go to war with them and drive them out. Soon he realized that during his seven years in exile Umuofia had changed and no longer was feared tribe it used to be. Okonkwo continued to fight the inevitable. His actions were never able to help his village; his worst fear had come true, they had become weak. Okonkwo suffers the consequences of his actions being motivated by fear throughout Things Fall Apart. He damages his relationship with his family, and his actions lead to his eventual death. Okonkwo and his son Nwoye could never relate to each other. Both had totally different outlooks. Okonkwo was always trying to appear manly and trying to get Nwoye to appear the same way. These things were not really important to Nwoye, and Okonkwo could not understand why. He often beat his son thinking that it...

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549 words - 2 pages banishment to a foreign village. Okonkwo rises to the occasion, and in almost two years, he is back to the wealth he had in Umuofia. There is one difference in Mbanta: Okonkwo's character is stronger. There are no more incidents of unprovoked violence from Okonkwo. In conclusion, the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a wonderful story of Okonkwo and tribal life in Africa. The deeper meaning, a powerful one, of lack of self-knowledge adds to the overall reading experience. Achebe makes the meaning so poignant by sharply contrasting Okonkwo's feelings with the place he resides in.

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